PUBG Mobile guide Gun God quickly develops mind, eat chicken from this

It is believed that many players are the first to experience games such as stimulating the battlefield. Whenever they encounter an enemy, they will be easily killed and feel that their marksmanship is not satisfactory. Let’s talk about how you can today. Quickly improve your shooting accuracy.

Selection of Firearms

Accuracy is the prerequisite for shooting with the enemy. However, having a gun suitable for you is the key. For the selection of firearms, the player must also select the most suitable firearm for him based on his outstanding points.

“Eagle Eyes” players can gain insight into potential distant enemies in the game. It is recommended that players try to sniper rifles, rely on the characteristics of their own insights that are different from ordinary people, and cooperate with sniper rifles over long distances. The characteristics of the explosive power to kill the enemy invisible.

Players who respond quickly will respond quickly once they are attacked. This kind of player is suitable for assault rifles and shotguns. The speed of assault rifles is very fast. Plus the reaction speed of players, the counter effect will be obvious.

“Buddhist” players do not panic in the face of the overall situation , even if the enemy’s shooting, but also calm and calm to take countermeasures, this player is more suitable for shotgun. In fact, the use of shotguns in the game is slightly lower, because the shotgun speed is too slow, and difficult to hit the enemy, but the power of the shotgun is huge, as long as the player character is calm, shotgun can be said to be the best Melee weapons.

The rifle has a comprehensive ability because it can not only launch the enemy at the same distance as the sniper rifle. It can also shoot enemies at close range and has a very comprehensive ability.

[Exercise of marksmanship]

Finding your own suitable firearm Afterwards, we must understand what the strong points and weaknesses of this firearm are. For example, the sublance gun has a fast firing speed, and the melee preemptive effect is excellent. However, the range of the submachine gun is near, and it is not easy to fight long distances. Therefore, if the player finds that there is an enemy in the distance, do not Hastily shot, this will not only kill the enemy, but will also expose his position.

After learning about the trajectory of firearms, find the firearms that are right for you. A bullet was shot on the body to observe the trajectory of the firearm. Understanding its ballistic trajectory is more conducive to the player winning the shot.

For the selection of the reflex lens, the red dot is the most commonly used lens for close combat. Targeting warp and holographic sights, players who are good at sweeping shots like holograms, and players who are good at spotting like red dot sights.

Selection of exercise location. In order to make their own marksmanship more precise, a lot of practice is the most practical. Players who want to practice marksmanship in the game can deliberately land on some big resource points because large resource points are initially in Landing more players, a great chance of a shot. In addition, the player can also choose to play in the entertainment mode of the game and the rapid battlefield, although the mode is different, but also can improve the skills you just gun !


In the PUBG Mobile: exciting battlefield, it is extremely important to have good marksmanship. It can not only help you Far from eating chicken, but also allows you to have the ability to dominate the battlefield.

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