PUBG Mobile guide Unveils Mysterious “Battlefield Rhythm” Veil

If you watch live broadcasts on a regular basis, you will find that many anchor teams have a very forbidden feeling when they are fighting. In particular, many retractable shots make us happy, such as four people. When the guns are fired at an instant and the enemy is swiftly killed or the enemy vehicle is discovered, the four people concentrate on the firepower and can even instantly destroy the enemy vehicles before the enemy gets off. So today is to analyze why so many anchor teams are so strong, and why do we always have unsatisfactory battle rhythms when we are normally dark or encounter passers-by?

When the word of the battlefield is directly spoken, it is relatively empty. Simply put, when to search, when to play, and when to catch the card, there is no mention of it because it is only a technique, not part of the rhythm, and the word itself is more pejorative. Because we will certainly lose our rhythm. If you are in a high-end bureau, you are very uneasy to eat chicken. When you are not in one place, you will lose a lot of gold laps and the timing of harvesting. As a result, your position in the finals is very poor, and the equipment is not too close. Even if the technology is similar, the enemy has three heads you do not have, and when you are on the gun, you will certainly suffer very much because you will not be killed. The enemy, and the enemy’s shot is likely to kill you.

Stimulate the battlefield This game is tactical and flexible, and its rhythm is variable, so there is no The rhythm of thousands of essential oils can be mastered, but it will never change, and you can tell everyone a standard game idea for everyone to study.

First, at the beginning of the game, that is, before the third lap, we The main goal is to collect supplies instead of fighting against the enemy. During this period, we are likely to encounter enemies, such as landings, and in the process of transfer, when we are limited to the quantity of goods and kill the enemy. It is not worthwhile to get caught up in the large-scale melee.

Second, in the middle period of the game, three to four In the circle, this time is the time when we kill, because at this time, the enemy’s density is very large, and after the 1 and 2 rounds of fighting, the material obtained by killing these people is usually very Rich, and at the same time, if the teammates cooperate properly, clearing two or three teams can completely create a safe circle for themselves.

Third, after the fourth lap, it is the late game. At this time, we can’t go anywhere. Because there are fewer people at this time, but the space is even smaller. At this time, it is a sudden surprise. There may be a situation in which “Picking the Yellow Pheasant in the Back” may occur. Therefore, we must tolerate more in the later period. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the position of the poisonous circle so that we can transfer it when the poisonous circle comes.

Masters do not need tactics in the low-end game, killing is

It is a traditional game rhythm. With this big rhythm idea, we can extend a lot of tactical programs. For example, if a master is often done in a low segment, “Plan Airport to P City” is actually this idea. When our marksmanship was significantly higher than our current rank, they rushed out of the airport and went through one or two battles on the way to P City. Then they killed in P City, because P City ran in the middle of the map. The pressure is relatively low, this time you can enter the finals with a more relaxed attitude.

Or, our marksmanship is not very Well, then we need to go to a lot of places after the initial collection of equipment, but it is not to kill the enemy, but to observe and watch for opportunities. Then went into the finals.

All these are just a few of the tactics and they are not necessarily the best. But as long as we master the rhythm of the game, we can easily formulate a variety of tactics to adapt to the battlefield environment. I hope this article helps everyone.

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