PUBG Mobile guide Passionate desert cemetery at a glance, the best landing spot for lone wolf

In the PUBG Mobile:Exciting battlefield, The cemetery is an extremely mysterious site. There are a large number of tombstones in the area. Therefore, few players choose to land here. Here we are from Many aspects of the graveyard area have been brought to you in detail.

[Geographic Analysis]

The cemetery is in a desert map In the middle part, compared with the nearby major towns, the number of houses in the cemetery is indeed poor, but the low number of houses does not mean that the quality of the materials is not high. The quality of the equipment in the cemetery is still considerable, and the materials in the cemetery are sufficient for two people.

The topography of the cemetery is very flat, and it is very good for preventing sniper ambush. You can search for supplies with peace of mind.

Although there are few cemetery houses, they are quite large in shape. There are two cathedrals in the cemetery, which is also the main resource of the cemetery. There are countless small tombstones at the rear of the graveyard. Nearly every gravestone has material refreshes. After players search for the main firearms at the destination church, they can pick up the accessories or basic materials they need from the small gravestones.

Picato, Sint Maarten and the Grand Mine have always been hot spots in the Passion Desert. Just as these three places are close to the cemetery, there are not many players who initially landed in the cemetery, thus avoiding the players falling into boxes. situation.

[Tactical Play]

If the player is going to the graveyard, the graveyard must be used as the first place because the resources of the graveyard are limited. Searching for the remaining supplies is almost nothing.

The first declining area of ​​the cemetery is the church because the church provides The player’s weapons and equipment allow the player to grasp the initiative of this battlefield early; instead of landing at the tombstone, the number of materials at the tombstone is relatively low, but the quality is relatively poor, and the most critical is that the tombstone’s firearm is usually a pistol. Almost no main weapons will appear.

The number of people who land in the cemetery is small, but it does not mean that they are not. The single mode should always pay attention to the dynamics of the surrounding area and always be vigilant. The two churches in the cemetery are divided into the first floor and the second floor. You can see it on the second floor. Everything in the interior of the church, so that if the player finds footsteps around the church, he must immediately ambush the enemy on the second floor.

After completing the cemetery, players can set the secondary search location to Picardo. Picato is arguably the most lively area in the desert of passion.Not to mention, the quality of the equipment is still high, and it is always the place where the players fight after landing. However, if you want to get out safely in Picato, it is not enough to have a certain shooting method. There is still a certain amount of luck, so players can set the location of the first drop to be a cemetery, and set Picato as a second search. Locally, as the number of people searching for pickup trucks for a second time will be greatly reduced, and from the perspective of the direction of the cemetery, Picardon’s perspective is viewed from above. Players can also take the lead in occupying a geographical advantage.


Everyone To play in the final as a solitary wolf, the cemetery is a very good place to stay.

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