PUBG Mobile guide plain tug of war, scientific anti-card point

As players’ ranks continue to rise, more and more players enter the finals, leaving almost 20 people from the fourth lap of the Silver and Gold Bureau. At least 35 people in the diamond crown entered the fourth lap, and many players felt a lot of pressure. Since the fourth lap, crickets have become very difficult, and because of this, everyone’s marksmanship and team consciousness have Very big progress, so say that in the slightly higher segment, it can be said that the battle from the fourth lap started. So today I’m bringing an article about the fourth round of the finals, hoping to help everyone score more steadily.

Due to the variety of games, one of the most basic situations is analyzed separately. In the plains, the play of other terrains is actually an extension of this style of play. Today, it is mainly for everyone to lay a solid foundation.

First of all, we have to know why we need to fight the plain card points and what his principles are. The fourth wave of poison damage is 1 blood/second if there is no energy and no drug. It’s about 1 and a half minutes. This time is not very long, but it also gives time for your own maneuver, and the time between the third and the fourth lap is still very broad, and in this When the card is clicked, once you kill the enemy, if you can reach the bag, you can make us very fat when we enter the finals, which is very helpful for improving the probability of eating chicken.

It is normal to encounter enemies who set cards in the game. When we enter the finals, we can judge whether there is anyone in front of the house or on the back slope according to the number of shots and the remaining number of people. Fortunately, the car can be directly rushed into the past attacking the building (but at least to ensure that a teammate behind the gun), if there is no vehicle, this time is the test of our team consciousness, and many times in the plain is racked We are all very difficult to break through, but in fact, as long as we cooperate with teammates properly, this situation is not a dead end. The specific approach is to let one of the thicker teammates rush directly toward the room area. At this time, the other three teammates hold a good gun nearby, stare at the point where there can be ambush, and the assaulters try to squeeze the smoke into the rush. , and if there is no enemy, then the back teammate can advance along the smoke. If there is gunfire, even if the striker is knocked down, it will not necessarily be killed immediately because of the smoke bomb. At this time, the teammate needs to carry out fire quickly. Squeeze and then follow, pressure on the enemy’s position, while paying attention to smoke.

Then we wait until we get close to the enemy’s bunker /house. We need to quickly spread to both sides to encircle the enemies. Once our front is opened, the enemy will quickly fall into the state of enemies, so we will You can quickly kill it. There is a small skill that connects you. When you start an assault, you must press in from different angles, because if the enemy finds an enemy, it will surely concentrate firepower quickly if we are from the same one. The direction rushes forward and there is no bunker. It will be very disadvantageous, so we must maintain a certain horizontal distance from our teammates on the way forward, because once the enemy concentrates on the firepower, we can attack the enemy and change the bomb from the side. Kill the enemy who did not have the ability to fight back, and finally achieved the victory of the battle.

Lastly, with the increase in the ranks, teammates have become more and more important in the game. Therefore, we hope that everyone can communicate with teammates as much as possible in order to significantly increase their odds of eating chicken.

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