How does the PUBG Mobile guide enter the finals? Teach you to rationally circumvent the poisonous circle!

Novice Players Most of them are passive characters in the stimulating battlefield. Keep chasing, some players will even fall in the danger zone, in fact, the stimulation of the safety zone in the battlefield is a regular reduction, as long as the player mastered the safety zone reduction time and damage, you can master the game’s initiative oh

The first security zone has a timeout of 5 minutes, and it takes 7 minutes to shrink to the security zone. The first security zone is slowed down. The whole process takes 12 minutes. Time is the time when the player deposits money. If you find that the safe area has been reduced and you are still outside the safe area, do not worry because the damage in the first safe area is very low and it will not hurt to fight the search.

In about 14 minutes, the second safety zone begins to shrink The reduction time is 2 minutes. After the second safe area is reduced, it is already possible to estimate the general position of the final round, and the player can plan his play in the finals in advance.

In about 16 minutes, the third security zone began to shrink. The reduction time was 1:30 minutes. After the third safe area has been reduced, the damage in the safe area has been greatly increased. At this time, players should not go to the anti-injury search supplies.

Around the 19th minute, the fourth safe area began to shrink The reduction time is 1 minute.

In about 22 minutes, the fifth safe area began to shrink The reduction time is 45 seconds. After the fifth safe area is reduced, the player’s living space is already very small, and the number of remaining players is also minimal. It is recommended to occupy the favorable terrain first when the fifth safe area is reduced, or to enter the finals with the way forward, because this The security zone at the time is already very small, and players who stand up and run will become the common prey of other players.

In about 25 minutes, the sixth round has begun to shrink The reduction time is 30 seconds. At this time, the general position of the remaining players has been exposed. What the player needs to do is to keep in mind the position of the enemy, and wait for the opponent to surprise when the next safe area is reduced.

In about 27 minutes, the seventh final round is reduced and the time is reduced by 30 seconds. Under normal circumstances, if the final round does not shrink in town, the reduction of the seventh safe area is a crucial moment to determine whether the player can eat chicken. At this time, if the player does not know the position of the enemy, he can fragment his own grenades and All the burning products are lost. This not only can take chances to kill the enemy, but also can disturb the enemy’s mentality and expose the enemy. At this moment, the player’s state of mind must be stable, first find a cover to protect their own safety, and then look for the enemy.

The last safe area is around 28 minutes. At this time, the entire map is in danger. Usually, the safe area has won without a reduction. Once the player has experienced this safe area, there is a great chance to fight with the opponent. Pay attention to the spell pack, first fill your own energy value, and then directly hit the first aid kit, one by one, do their best to extend their survival time.


Remember the shortened time of the finals and master the battlefield yourself The initiative, do not be chased by the danger zone Oh !

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