PUBG Mobile guide landing into a box? Airport deadly habits inventory

Presumably everyone knows a joke we often say: “I hope I can live out of the airport.” The horror of the airport is evident because of the airport’s many resources, so people who jump are also There are so many deaths. There are reasons for death, except of course. There are actually many mistakes in the landing of players, and we are now taking stock of them one by one.

I. Don’t probe the enemy before landing

Everyone knows that the airport is a land of abundance. Therefore, many people will land in the airport. The most fertile airport is the C building. Players generally want to jump in this place. Most of the cases where the box has been dropped have also occurred here. These box players basically made a mistake. They did not carefully observe the surrounding conditions before landing, and often they brought a team down after a landing. In this case, if there are few people who naturally jump on the C floor, this is undoubtedly, but if it is crowded, don’t be too hard. The C building is rich but it is useless to get equipment. There are many scattered buildings around the C building. The inside equipment is richer than other areas. The correct choice is to collect certain equipment and then go around. In addition, for the players who jumped in the C building, some of them chose a building close to the content. In fact, the best choice is to take two places near the periphery. Here I would like to give you a small suggestion. Everybody at the airport knows well. So players generally choose the airport and ignore another place on the island. Hong Kong is better off when it is not suitable for airport fire fighting. .

2. Peerless Gunners who have just fired on the floor

I mentioned the precautions when landing, and now I will talk about the things after landing. For the C-floor area, landing must be a bloody battle, and many players do not realize this. Or even if you know what your heart thinks, it’s “Nothing, I can trip him.” I don’t know that the gun I’ve collected has its own idea, even if it doesn’t hit the person you want to fight. When the blood was ready to fire, it was counter-killed. Therefore, it is better not to actively join in the battle for players who jump in the C building if they are not attacking others (just when they land). Finding a good gun as soon as possible is king (spraying can be as long as it does not have its own idea), and other people clean up the mess after the exchange of fire ends. Another fatal mistake is that the player who jumps on the roof is very slow in the equipment speed, and some actually still have the mood to pick and choose from upstairs. Is there any wrong target?

III. Will use important nodes

This is a card that puts aside luck and a gun In two parts, the battle at the airport will generally have two rounds. The first round is a chaos when it has just landed, and the second round is a technical player who has been quietly developing after being eliminated. How do you deal with this kind of player? Or do you want to use a gun to solve the enemy? After all, the players who can survive from the first round are all technically good and can be placed in other places to occupy the next base. The second round of struggle is often played by players who flew from the wing or players who are lucky enough to go directly to the C House to search. You have no relationship, but it is the most important to occupy the vantage point first. The elevated level next to the C building is Designed for the second round of gun barrels. For multiplayer players, the best team members can send sniper snipers to occupy the field and take charge of killing the enemy. At the same time, there is an attack on you and the overhead to attack. It is easy to cause the other party to die.

Well, players still feel that your teammates are deadly at the airport. Where ?

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