PUBG Mobile guide can not enter the finals? Master these at least the top ten

Presumably many players are more distressed how to survive in the exciting battlefield, and often encounter encounters falling into boxes. In fact, living is really simple, just a lot of friends did not grasp some of the details of survival . Here are the necessary survival skills for everyone .

<123 Method One – Intrinsic First Ten

Don’t think listening to wretched sneak in the top ten. You have to understand the nature of the game. This is not a killing game. This is a fugitive game. Whoever survives will win. Even if you kill the 98 individuals on the map, I still kill me to survive and win. In the end, it’s not that I laugh at you. In fact, this is only one of the methods players do not need to be excited, this wretched approach for newcomers, players do not like guns, technology is not good to want to survive the players, clear the nature of the game players. Do not talk nonsense, there are two ways to infiltrate into the top ten.

The first is to start planning from skydiving, whether you are single-licensed double or four-row. There are two options for skydiving. The first is to jump straight and keep gliding to the farthest possible distance, away from the route to where few people are. And if you want to be near the route, choose to play the wild, to the scattered housing to avoid the crowd. When you touch people, you can live naturally. Another option for skydiving is to jump to the side of the road. Generally, the road will be brushed on the beginning of the road. When you are in the air, you will observe where the car is. You will directly fall and drive the car farthest from the route. At this time, you can directly choose a big city. Nobody can grab resources with you. You can get back to the battlefield with good equipment. Of course, there are more opportunities to live with equipment. However, it is worth noting that the car will be lost after it is not opened, and because the players are far away, they can also poop a bucket of gasoline to prevent the oil from escaping.

The second type begins with the appearance of the horror ring after all players have landed. What is the safest way ? Of course, following the poisonous circle, normal people are far from the poisonous circle, and I will do the opposite. Where do I go from the poisonous circle, who can you care for? You have the ability to fight drugs. Of course, the insignificant method only allows players to taste fresh, not suitable for long-term use, after all, we also want the game experience is not it? It does not matter, there is always one for you.


Method Two – Skilled Advance Ten

Since you don’t like wretched, I’ll change the method and give you some tips. First of all, there is a point in front of this is quite applicable, is to first drove to the distance to collect the equipment and then come back, never reluctantly heard ? Next is the game when you choose four rows, why? The survival rate of the four rows is It is much higher than single-row double-rowers. Although everyone has teammates, it does not prevent us from having a greater chance of survival. A teammate will not immediately die. This is also a talisman. Isn’t it great fun to have a big god teammate lying down to eat chicken gizzards?

In addition to these two, there is one thing that is good at finding a house. If you don’t choose to go with poison, you’ll be poisoned.Far, driving into the hoop circle early and choosing a suitable point to defend the enemy is a good reason to grab the high ground in the game. Whoever takes the top spot is the winner. In addition, try not to choose the wild as a shelter and try to find a house as much as possible, which is very beneficial to your offense and defense. The last point is to make good use of various kinds of bunkers that can be used, such as what houses, rocks, cars, trees, roofs with slopes, etc. These can be used to greatly increase the probability of living.

To achieve these top ten is basically no problem, of course, want to eat chicken is a bit suspended, after all, technology is hard power, so players in these points based on the need to step up their own technology.

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