PUBG Mobile guide 正确 The correct posture for airdrop! How much do you know?

What is our favorite in the game What is the most fearful situation? What is the most fearful thing? It is also an airdrop. Although the airdrop is good, it must be ordered. Therefore, all the prerequisites for airdrops are to keep their own lives. Didn’t you have to equip your life with equipment, and why don’t you give it to others? Therefore, you need to know about the correct posture for airdrops.

Airdrops can’t be blinded. Before that we need to explore something:

Drop positions

Players need to watch the drop before the airdrop Location, airdrop location should be from two aspects. The first one is to look at the terrain around the airdrop. The second is to see if the airdrop is inside or outside the circle. Let me talk about the former. The topography of the game is mountain forests, plains, housing areas, deserts, and mountains. In terms of the plains, the terrain is flat and open. It is necessary to observe whether there are bunkers such as houses and trees around. It is also to observe whether there are enemies. There are more mountain bunkers. The housing area needs to see whether it falls on the site that you have been waiting for or if it falls on someone else’s site. The location of the desert is similar to that of the plains, and there are few bunkers around, and it is more dangerous when it is paralyzed, but it is also easy to observe the position of the enemy. The second kind of airdrop position refers to whether airdrops are within or outside the circle. It is relatively easy to do outside the circle. There is no human intervention in the air outside the circle. Of course, the poison is not so painful. And if the airdrop within the circle depends on the terrain. There is also a position situation that is to see the distance between the airdrops and the distance of the airline and the distance from the important positions around the airline. This needs to be linked with the cast time.

Drop Time

The second thing to watch is airdrop During the time period, the most important thing is to link the airdrop to the game progress. Actually speaking, watching time is an inaccurate statement. It should be the time when the game is played, the game shrinks, and the remaining number of games. The number of people and the circumstance can help you to judge if there is a high probability of someone in your place. When you can judge if the enemy’s equipment is enough to attack you. For example, if there are only a dozen or so people but the circle is still large and the airdrops happen to fall on the borders, there is a high probability that they can be paralyzed. There is also a link to the previously mentioned distance route. If you start off, you will go to a place far away from the route. There is basically no problem with that route, and if it is the opposite then you need not say it. Finally, there is another point, the airdrops in the final round must not be embarrassed, not only do you still want to far away, as far as possible in the airdrop can be hit, reason you understand.

Speaking of the time and place of airdrops, let’s say what to do with a single row, double row, or four row.

First, no matter how many rows, the first thing you have to do is to observe the surrounding conditions. , especially in the case of vehicles, if there are vehicles around the airdrops, then stop the sniper in the distance to see if anyone is there. Nobody will leave. Someone will attack.

Don’t run to get airdrops, be sure to drive. Areas such as housing areas that cannot be driven. As you drive, if you find that there are too many snipers around you can quickly run away, on the other hand, if you drop into the airdrops, you can easily retreat.

When you have your third teammate, don’t go to the airdrops together. You only need one person for airdrops. All other people need to do is help their teammates with guns and help their teammates explore enemy positions. Of course, four rows of words can be followed by one person. If the enemy’s fire attacked another person, they would throw away smoke bombs to cover and retreat.

The fourth is to look at the airdrop time and place mentioned above

The fifth is to replace the corresponding magnification with the topography, In fact, it is recommended that you switch to low power because you need to deal with nearby enemies. It’s only a matter of killing you when you come across a fire with a nearby enemy. It’s very hard for people in the distance to attack you if you can’t move to hit you. You don’t need to go to someone far away. . Because it is equal to finding a death when you fly in the distance. In addition, you don’t have to leave after you drop into the airdrop. You can find a place to continue and stay tuned.

Well, hopefully everyone can watch this and drop the player to the airdrop and survive.

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