PUBG Mobile guide Eating chicken is too difficult? This prop takes you across the battlefield.

If you want to eat chicken successfully, the light gun method is not enough, and you have to think about how to kill your opponent under the premise of being alive. Today, I will bring you some supplementary skills. I hope everyone can get .

Assist today is the vehicle in the game. The vehicle is a very important aid in the game. The main advantages are the following:

The first thing we all know as a means of transportation. Whether it is the start of the game or the late stage, no vehicle is acceptable. With the car, it will be possible to enter and exit the donuts. There are several kinds of games in the game, of which the best ones are off-road, jeep, and pickup. These three are all faster in all vehicle types. Among them, Jeep pickup has the best defensive power, and can be used to block bullets for the player. A full-blown dog can only explode with a full clip. Confined pickups and jeep are the best choices for four rows. The best choice is for the four locations. It is also possible to change the position during the process. This is very important. You can change yourself to theirs according to the position of the enemy. Fire zone. Off-road is the most stable, because the chassis is relatively bottom, but this type of hood is more dangerous, after all, can not block bullets.

Second is the strategic role, divided into two parts: offensive and defensive. First talk about offensive, players generally know is to use a vehicle to hit people, but in fact this is difficult for the average person to do. Many players often encounter situations in which they are not able to reach their opponents after a few laps. It is recommended that you go to the training camp and try several times to find out how to feel. There is a small suggestion here. When you are close to the enemy, try not to drive to the maximum speed. Basically you will not hit people. The other is to set up different driving keys, choose the most suitable one, I prefer the four arrows that kind. It is also very simple to use a counter-attack car to crash into people. If you have a tree next to it, you will run around it.

There are other offensive methods, such as tempting the enemy You can drive the vehicle to a place to throw it away but still keep it on. This way, the car will have the sound of the engine. If you are lucky, you will meet some players who will explore the sounds. You only need to hide it. It’s OK to attack in a safe place. In addition, the vehicle is also an artifact that bridges the bridge. It is also a good idea to open four cars to the bridge when four rows are blocked.

Vehicles also have a defensive role. Senior players usually drive a car nearby during the finals, and then decide if they want to open in the finals. If you don’t have a hidden place like this, or if you don’t have a bunker, you can drive to the finals. Of course, the car here shouldn’t be three rounds. Just do one thing right after the lap and immediately break the car to be your defensive point. You won’t kill yourself because your opponent is hitting a car. When a vehicle is used for defensive purposes, it is best to combine real-time terrain. Generally, the V-shape is lined with rocks or trees.

The vehicle has a dirty routine that I encountered when I recently ate chicken. The first is to destroy the car, and then drive the car to a grass. You don’t want to move in the car. Of course, the color of the clothes should not be too outstanding. Using this method can beat opponents by surprise. There is another kind of knowledge that I learned in the finals. One player went to the bottom of the car in the finals, and the nearby players did not find out. The car was used as a bunker. for a long time.

Using a good vehicle can help oneself survive and help oneself kill the enemy. Why not ?

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