PUBG Mobile guide Advanced must-read chicken rules! Four ranks high scoring skills

Compared to a single row and a double row, the four rows are actually the easiest to eat chicken. If you don’t say a lie, learning to cooperate can give your team an advantage over others. How to cooperate with ? Let me explain to you from the following four points:

First, station

First of all, let’s talk about the word station, which means that everyone knows it, but how to stand will make many players scratch their heads. For one, for the housing area, multiple buildings are recommended for players to position two or two pairs of seats and choose to occupy two adjacent rooms at the same time. Only two floors and below are recommended. The advantage is that you can quickly support and save your strength. People in the same house also have station requirements. First of all, there must be one person who is keeping the stairs or the gate. It is not always there, but at least the closest window to the stairs is the enemy. In addition, of course, it also needs to take a different position, especially if the open area is facing the side of the mountain forest. If the team is in a room, they will send two people to keep it.

More requests are made in the field. First, the whole team must choose more bunkers. For the location, at least two bunkers with different orientations are selected. The best people in the team’s marksmanship occupy the safest bunker, and we can live longer when we live longer. Four people try to stand apart and line up offensive or square guards. The best place to stand is to occupy the border between the poisonous zone and the safe area. In this way, there will be no enemy troops that need only security defenses in front.

II. Material storage

The material storage is also for eating chicken The important part of the passers-by ranking or the game of the average player is always self-serving equipment. In fact, the efficiency is not high. Because it is team fighting at this time you have to choose some equipment that is beneficial to the team. Throwing weapons is an essential tool, especially smoke bombs. A team prepares three of them to be the minimum, and the same is true for bombs and burning flasks. The grenades have at least three hands. Then the question came, so many people are surely unable to fit in, so this time you have to communicate well with whom to store what, you can choose the two people in the team to store throwing weapons. Drugs can also do this. Although there are risks, they do not have much impact. What I mean mainly is to tell everyone that equipment should not take care of themselves. Every equipment wants to take orders. In fact, you can’t take them. It’s better to allocate them properly.

<123 3. Firearm Selection

Speaking of Firearms The choice is actually the choice of personal location. A qualified four-man team is not just a gunman, everyone is a sniper, and a team sniper rifle has two enough, two specialized snipers (The two best sniper techs) outperformed a group of snipers. Others mainly use rifles and assault rifles as the mainstay. Distance rifles are not too far away to replace sniper rifles, and you can avoid the situation where you are not able to use your rifle. The two rifles are mainly responsible for killing or making up the knife in the middle and close range, as well as protecting the role of the sniper. In addition, when the sniper attacks, other firearms can also be used for screening to facilitate the attack of the sniper.

Fourth, evasiveness is light

There is one and one-person ranking in four-person ranks. In different places, it is because of the nature of the team. Everybody jumps more centrally. It is very difficult for the four people to jump together. At this time, the problem came, and we easily encountered a situation where a group of people jumped together. At this time, too many people are not suitable for us to fight unless there is a teammate with a very powerful gun. If there is no such thing, it is best to observe where there is a vehicle before landing. After a landing, you will go directly to the car and run away. Before you go to collect the goods far from the route, it is also a way to win.

As long as the four platoons are well-matched, it is the bureau that is most likely to eat chicken. I hope that my suggestions will be useful to everyone.

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