PUBG Mobile guide This is the correct operation of the gun!

In the game, whether it is the beginning of the game, the mid game, or the final round, we can’t avoid a problem & mdash;— Today we come to learn more about how guns can be made to help instead of resist.

One : The period of high incidence of gangshot events

At the beginning of each game, especially The period of time the player landed was very prone to a gunshot incident. In this period of time, the gun was nothing more than the following situations. Here we will explain how to operate it. a : When two people fall in one place (the same roof or in the same room), they encounter this situation. Presumably, the first reaction of most players is to quickly find the gun to eliminate the enemy, but when you find the weapon in the world, you need to ignore all the weapons that the player comes with. So the best thing to do at this time is to pick up your sleeves and do it, so that he will die under your fist when he finds out that the weapons are ready to lick. b : When falling on the ground behind someone else and being hunted down, many people don’t want to come across this situation. They are too passive and too shabby. However, running at this time is the right approach. c : Someone is falling behind you. Do not remember to chase after this time. If you didn’t kill the person at the beginning, don’t chase after it. It’s easy. Expose yourself to the muzzle of other enemies.

Two : In the mid-term,

By this time, the players who can remain are basically certain. At the end of the family’s family, if the enemy can still run away in the early stages, this time basically running is to die. Therefore, at this time, it is necessary to meet people first, and it is better to solve teammates before the opponents have responded. If you have to hit the ten shots and you haven’t been able to distinguish between the winners and losers, then first get a bunker to hide because after opening so many guns, your position may have been discovered by many people, so this time we To be quiet in a timely manner, after the determination of the surrounding security and then think of ways to solve the immediate enemy, if you can bypass the best, you can not look for opportunities after the round, that kind of opportunity to shoot him or two. In addition, you mustn’t stand still when you’re armed with the enemy. Because you stand still and become the target of others. According to the current equipment, a submachine gun sweeps you twice and you don’t need to aim. .

Three : The final final round

At this point the game is basically over. But the more we get behind, the more we must be calm and we mustn’t be excited. There are two brushes in the finals, so this time we just can’t simply fight the guns. We need to think more. Before entering the final round, our first priority is to choose a safe location. It is best to be able to back up to the venom ring so that we can guarantee that we will not be knocked down by bullets behind the shots. The circle must ensure that no one behind him. After determining who is behind him, we need to find a suitable bunker, so that even if we just lost our guns and retreat, we will only lose if we lose, and we will not even have a chance to re-enter.

Although it is not necessary to play the game with a gun, you can choose a remote place to start the game, and then you can even go to the finals and even eat chicken. However, such chickens are tedious. Well, today’s sharing is here.

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