Comprehensive performance analysis of PUBG Mobile guide pistols!

Old players Players all know that it is important to have a handy firearm to successfully eat chicken. Many players love sniper rifles, rifles, or assault rifles, but rarely hear players who like pistols. In fact, pistols are very useful in games, but players do not understand them. The secret of the pistol is revealed below for everyone

[Use of pistols]

Many players think that pistols are only stimulating the battlefield. The excessive use of firearms is only useful in the beginning, so it is worth noting that the pistol is not picked up, but this idea is a little problematic.

1. The pistol has a very high refresh rate on the map. Most of the first offensive weapons encountered by the players after landing are almost all pistols, but many players have chosen to ignore them. In fact, the pistols are the biggest ones. The role is in the early stage. At the beginning of the game, who owns the firearms, whoever has mastered the dominance of the battlefield, the pistol may not be as offensive as other firearms, but its role is far greater than that of close combat weapons and fists. The main thing is that in the current stimulating battlefield, the pistol has an independent gun space and picking it up will not occupy the player’s main weapon space.

2. There is an individual pistol that can aim at the red dot In the mirror, the player can press the red dot sight on the pistol so that the backpack will free up a red dot sight space.

3. Most pistols have a range of shots and shotguns. Players can use the difference in range to easily kill players who have shotguns.

4. In general, the player’s main weapon likes to Choose an automatic firearm and a sniper rifle. When the player encounters the enemy and launches a gun battle, once the gun needs to change the bullet, the player can immediately switch the pistol, grasp the time difference between the enemy’s change of the bullet, and kill the enemy with a pistol.

Comparison of pistols

In the stimulating battlefield, pistols are divided into six categories. R45 These two pistols are still being developed. Compared to the short-barrel rounds, the power of the R45 is the strongest pistol. When the enemy has no body armor, the R45 gun can easily kill the enemy (no headshot). However, both the power and the range of short-barrel projectiles differ from those of other pistols.

The P92 is also a semi-automatic pistol. Although its power is small, the pistol has a large magazine capacity.Stronger.

The P18C uses a 9mm bullet. Its firing rate is extremely high. However, the biggest feature of the pistol is that it can switch the automatic mode. You can fire, but the power is too small, it is difficult to cause a lot of damage to armored enemies.

P1911 and R1895 which have strong comprehensive pistol performance These two pistols. First of all, the power of these two pistols is very impressive, because the R1895 pistol uses 7.62mm bullets, so the power is a little larger than P1911, but R1895 needs to be filled with one shot and slower. The P1911 is a semi-automatic pistol. Although not as fast as other automatic firearms, the P1911 is far more powerful than other pistols.

It is worth mentioning that P1911 pistols, P92 pistols, and P18C pistols can carry accessories to increase the number of bullets, and can also be used to release red dot sights.


There are many advantages to stimulating every gun type on the battlefield. Therefore, players should look for their own characteristics. The best firearm for you !

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