PUBG Mobile guide Stimulates Distraction on the Battlefield – Awareness

Good consciousness is a major premise for eating chicken. In the whole game, there are many ways to increase your rankings and chicken consumption virtually. Let these practices become your habit and eat chicken. The rate naturally goes up.

1. Avoid irrational battles and advance into the finals

In the early stages of the game, whether it is guns, ammunition, or armor, medical products, all resources cannot be guaranteed adequately. People fight and cause the depletion of ammunition armor medical products. When you encounter some inevitable battles in the middle and late period, you will be very passive. Therefore, unless the technology is absolutely crumbled, in the above-mentioned games that are divided into purposes, try not to jump out of the big cities with very close routes, such as P city and military bases.

2. Use of vehicles

Stimulating the battlefield’s vehicle is so useful that it can move at three times the speed of the running and can make you move. The process is not exposed to the entire body and can be used as the only cover on the open plains or the finals. So as far as possible in the game, you have a car from start to finish, giving priority to jeep> sedans> 蹦蹦 & 摩托车> motorcycle 蹦 蹦 蹦 (of course for those who are the belief that the motorcycle is ranked as me瞎 瞎 ) ) )). When parking, you must remember your parking spot. There will be a parking spot on the mini map. If the car is not driven away, this mark is generally accurate. If you need to use the car as a shelter, you can use it when necessary. Drive your car to blow it.

There is one detail that needs attention. When the jeep is used as a cover, be sure to hide behind the wheel or you will be trapped by the enemy’s “pedicure” and pay attention to keep moving because you The head was half exposed outside. Similarly, if the enemy uses these two cars as shelters, you can also use them to kill them.

3. Spiritual use of throwing objects

There are four types of throwing objects in the battlefield: grenades, smoke bombs, blast bombs, and burning bottles. Each type of thrower has its own unique effect. Odd Jun suggests that 4-5 grenades and smoke bombs, 1-2 burning flasks, and shock bombs are not available in one game. Grenades are mainly used in the attacking house and the finals ( Incidentally, if the two sides stalemate behind a bunker, the purpose of throwing a grenade is not necessarily to kill each other. It is also a good choice to use grenade to push it out of the bunker.) Smoke bombs are mainly used for bunker transfer and helping teammates and burning bottles. Due to its continuous injury characteristics, it is mainly used on terrain where opponents can easily avoid. I will open a detailed introduction to throwing objects and throwing awareness skills in the next article.

4. Skillful use of bunkers and terrain

Stimulating the battlefield is a game that places considerable emphasis on bunkers and terrain. The less exposed your body is to the gun, The smaller the probability of being hit, so to get to a new environment, the first thing to look at is what bunkers are nearby and what terrain there is. Under normal circumstances, playing high and low, there are shelters to play without cover are to be dominant. If there is a bullet that hits you suddenly, you must first look at the place where there is a bunker. If you are in a bunker or a bunker is inactive and inactive, try to lose the smoke.

5. The choice of firearms

The M416 is the most comprehensive and versatile firearm in this game. The weapon is divided and the assault weapon is recommended to use M416. When you are equipped, even if you don’t have M416 yet, you have to take a look at the gun accessories. When you reach the M4, you will be able to use it directly. If you like sniper rifles, both 98K and SKS can. If you like to stand behind the bunkers and people, select 98K. If you like to hide in the shadows, you can choose SKS, SKS and SKS. It’s just two guns, so searching for parts may take some more time. However, as the old saying goes, whether it is a black cat or a white cat, it is a good cat to catch the mouse. No matter what the gun is, if you use it easily, it is a good gun for you.

Today’s ideology is about this. The main purpose of this essay is to explain the stimulating battlefield from the overall perspective. Then I will introduce myself to the gun skill. , accessories selection, driving skills, grenade throwing and other aspects of the difference, hoping to help everyone ~

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