PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Where did you come across the most amazing poison ring?

While we are on the battlefield, besides paying attention to opponents that may emerge at any time, the most important thing is to pay attention to the ever-shrinking safe area. Players outside the safe area will be constantly affected by the effects of the poisonous circle. Although the damage of the first few poison circles can easily collapse, the damage to the poison circle will continue to increase as the safe area continues to refresh. The setting of the donut greatly increases the rhythm of the game, limits the game scope of the player, and forces the players to gather together to start a game step by step. Each time the security zone is refreshed in the map, it is different. Randomly refreshed security zones sometimes appear in unusually wonderful places, making people speechless. In the game, where did you encounter the most wonderful safety zone in the finals?

The most harmonious water finals

The most exciting time in the game is in the finals. Players who have reached the final round will decide the final victory in this small safe area. In the final round, it is often a shocking step. If you take the wrong step, you will be eliminated. But if the final security zone is refreshed at sea, it is completely another scenario.

We all know that the player cannot attack the opponent while swimming at sea, which also leads to the safety zone refreshing. After the sea, the tense atmosphere is gone. The last remaining survivors were all uncovered and chattering across the sea was commonplace. In this case, I look forward to seeing myself at the center of the safe area! In this way, you can eat less poison, and later you are poisoned by the poisonous circle and you have more hope for victory.

Extraordinary building inner circle

The safety zone is refreshed outdoors in most cases. After all, in the game map, the outdoor space is much larger than indoor, and the probability that the safe area is brushed outdoors is far greater than indoor. A low probability does not mean that it will not happen, and the safety zone sometimes regenerates in the building very indecently.

Everyone can feel that when the security area is refreshed in the housing area, everyone is hiding in the house. As it continues to shrink, a very embarrassing thing has happened, that is, the poisonous circle has “stuck” the stairs inside the building, and the players are separated on different floors. At this time, you can experience that there are footsteps all over the place but it is impossible to see people.

As the security zone slowly shrinks until it disappears, players are in a tight finals in the game. The final competition is indeed the speed of fight drugs. At this point, those players who have a medical box in hand will steal it!

Thrilling Plains, Square Circles

To say what kind of finals everyone is most reluctant to face, refresh The circle on the plain or the square is definitely the first option. In the last lap, the most important thing is to stay calm and hide yourself so that your opponents can slowly become a fisherman. Refreshing the finals in these places, it is not easy to be a fisherman, and in the sweeping safety zone around it, it is best to look forward to the fate of the ring!

The setting of the safety zone makes the exciting battlefield more playable, and it also extends the variety of stress involved in running poisons and drug control and searching time, which greatly improves the overall competitiveness of the game. In the face of a constantly shrinking security zone, many players are anxiously looking forward to one thing, that is, the next poison circle can give themselves a harmonious fate ring.

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