PUBG Mobile guide Almighty King rifle! How to cross the battlefield?

Stimulating the rifle in the battlefield Historically, the player has been included as the primary weapon in the preferred cohort , rifle plus sniper rifle, or rifle plus assault rifle Almost becomes the assembly standard in the game. Now we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each rifle in detail, hoping to help everyone when everyone chooses firearms. .

Rifles on the battlefield can be divided into two categories: drop rifles and regular rifles. First talk about ordinary rifles, ordinary rifles have AKIM, M416, M16A4, SCAR-L these four. Let’s talk about AKM first. In terms of injury, AKM is the highest damage in four ordinary rifles. This is the biggest advantage of AKM. In terms of firing range, AKM’s range is remote, and it is possible to install all magnification lenses, which means that the distance of eight times the mirror AKM also has the power to kill the enemy. As far as fittings are concerned, it can be equipped with two kinds of guns and magazine clips. This is also an advantage. It does not require too many accessories to have a form of combat effectiveness. However, its shortcomings are also more obvious, because of its power, recoil is also relatively strong, the player’s gun technology has certain requirements. However, it is not difficult to master and you can practice shooting at the training camp.

Next, talk about M16A4 and M416. I believe many players don’t know the difference between the two guns when they first started, and often think that they are the same gun. The power of the two guns is similar, but they are much worse than AKM. M16’s recoil is actually similar to that of AKM. In addition, it has a much lower firing rate than other rifles. It can be said that this is the last gun in the rifle. Accessories requirements are almost the same as AK M. It is recommended that the game be used when the firearms are not started. Another M416 is not the same, almost all-powerful, whether it is the power or the rate of fire are top. However, the only drawback is to eat accessories too, but once it is fully equipped is the most versatile rifle, recoil is very small, you can instantly seconds, you can start from end to end without replacement. M416 is almost the strongest rifle in addition to an air-to-gun, and is good at combat on various terrains.

The last normal rifle was SCAR-L, which was the second only to the M416. The power was almost the same as that of the M16, but the recoil was much smaller, and the accessories were also between the two. Between three accessories. This gun is the best rifle in the transition period. It does not matter if no better gun is used in the end.

Having said an ordinary rifle before, let’s talk about an air-dropping gun and an air-dropping gun. There are two, which are GRZOA and AUG. The former has the same power as AKM. Not only does it have almost no recoil, but wherever it hits, the rate of fire and range are the strongest gradients. Almost the strongest drawback in a rifle is that it cannot be assembled with an eightfold mirror. Another AUG is relatively not so good. In addition to the lower rate of fire than the M416 is the same, its horizontal recoil is the smallest of all guns, very easy to control, with almost no obvious disadvantages.

Comprehensive comparison of the above six rifles, M416 and AUG for a variety of player operations, regardless of technology is easy to use, after all, the advantages are there. AKM and dog miscellaneous are suitable for the control of the recoil force, that is, the players more skilled game.

The rifle has some very strong advantages over other guns. It is very balanced in all aspects and it is a must for the battlefield. firearms.

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