PUBG Mobile guide Poor chicken, rich express? Break the spell to see here

There is such a curse that circulates on the stimulating battlefield “poor chicken and rich courier”. This means that if we are fat, we will always die from all kinds of black hands. Players who are used to playing wilderness are more likely to eat chickens . So many unexplained players will sum it up into a “curse”, we will specifically analyze why this happens, how can we avoid “courier”!

Here we analyze the case of an exciting match.

1. We chose the landing point slightly behind N Harbor. The reason is very simple, because on the route P city and military base will be more attractive, and N Hong Kong is on the edge of the poisonous circle. , and it is not a high-level resource point (actually it is very fat in most places in the stimulating matchup).

2. We recommend a container play here. Whether it is in Port G, Port P or Hong Kong where we jump, it is actually a good choice to choose a container as a drop point. Containers are usually rich in materials and flat on a plane, what you want to see at a glance, and, secondly, you have an open field of vision, you can generally see almost half of the resource points, and due to just landing, the enemy does not necessarily have high magnification immediately. Even if many enemies see us, they may not be able to guarantee that we will kill us. At the same time, the container zone has an unparalleled advantage. That is, once we have attacked and we do not know where the enemy is, we can decisively jump from the gap in the container. And even if knocked down, you can climb to wait for teammates to rescue.

3. When we get a set of fat-rich equipment, we need to do something that is not immediately to find someone to harvest, but to quickly transfer and preserve the strength, we may wish to use their brains Think about it, if we have full M4, 98K, full headgear kits, all kinds of medicine ammunition, this time to kill the enemy what is our return? Here you can clearly tell everyone that the return is 0, and There is the possibility of being defeated by others. Even if we can crush our enemies, if our enemies fight back, our armor will inevitably be impaired. Once we participate in the fighting too much and reach the finals, our equipment has already been consumed. We have no advantage compared to other teams entering the final round. Therefore, there is a good start. The most important thing to pay attention to is to save your strength and use it to your advantage.

4. Vehicles are actually better To complete the conditions of the previous mission, there is a car that can quickly get you out of the danger zone, and at the crucial moment can also serve as a bunker for our precious time.

5. Analyze the position of the enemy by shooting, killing, and remaining number of survivors. For example, the protagonist’s team judged the position of the enemy by gunshots and the number of survivors and quickly transferred to the enemy. With fewer angles in the circle, we must remember that good equipment and good marksmanship can not guarantee you to eat chicken. The environment on the battlefield is complex. To achieve the final victory, you must learn to analyze the position of the enemy and try to beat the enemy by surprise. Not just go to the front of the gun.


The protagonist is positioned in the finals based on the number of people and gunshots At the end of the two-team position, the buildings were broken one by one. Eventually, the enemy successfully ate chickens because they did not cover their bodies and fell under the dense firepower of the protagonists.

To break the curse you must step by step to achieve ” “Fat and not waves” can finally eat chicken.

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