PUBG Mobile guide Advanced players must be on the offensive and defensive course!

I don’t know if the players have ever thought that sometimes it is their own time to attack others but it is their own. In the same way, when someone attacks themselves, they cannot kill themselves.


Most players in the game What I like most is the feeling of offense. The kind of feeling that seems to press the enemy down on the ground is then more anti-hitting.

We must all know that offense is linked to equipment. For a single row, if your equipment is poor, don’t choose the offense for the longest. For example, if you carry a spray, you will go to the apartment and you will find more death because most of the time your spray has its own. idea. Of course, once you have the equipment, you can’t fight it. You shouldn’t be impulsive to the single combat. The players who shoot the guns shouldn’t rush into the guns, because that’s pure luck. Still, in terms of a flush room, how does a single person do the best? When you find a room, he basically finds you, so don’t think you know someone. At this time, first of all, use grenades. According to the direction of the footsteps heard, it is necessary to set aside for two or three seconds. If it falls, it will explode directly. If you do not know the position of the enemy, you can use the grenades to make a check. No time is needed for this time. After throwing it out, observe the movement of the enemy.

For houses with more rooms, don’t waste grenades in this room if you’re not sure. Can be advanced room, because the single-player will basically choose to hide on the second floor, and you can use this skill when you explore the enemy, hiding in the direction of the door can keep track of the situation. For guessing someone’s room, you can also cover it with a bomb.

In simple terms, the point of attention in single combat is good equipment and bad grenades. Kill, check in after entering the house, and use shock bombs. The idea of ​​multiplayer offense is also similar, but the requirements for equipment are not so high. Many people rely mainly on cooperation. Taking field operations as an example, the four offenses can be divided into two groups, one in front of the attack, one in the back, and attention to communication.


After speaking, the attack is now said The guarding and guarding skills are also very simple. The room area is observed through the window card. The wilderness’s use of the vehicle can be retired and can be covered. When someone encounters someone attacking the building, they can hide with cats and cats. The footsteps of the enemy after entering the house can be heard. The steps of the stairs can also be heard. Once he goes upstairs, you will go downstairs and become your attack building. . If you don’t go, you can also choose to stay in the corner. Note that the enemy will observe the location after going upstairs. Usually, they are observing the front, so it is best to hide on the side or next to it. If the enemy is attacked in the process of attacking the building can use the smoke bomb (here is not only the case of attacking the building, all conditions apply) to use smoke bombs to cover their own state or to escape directly. In addition, it is necessary to replace its own weapons and equipment in advance. Once the enemy enters the building, it will be replaced by a red dot or hologram. The firearms will be replaced with a powerful firearm. Keepers don’t use grenades to blast bombs and the like, because there’s a transition time and you don’t know when someone will go upstairs.

Multiplayer DefenseThe technique of defending can also be analogized. The key is to use good smoke bombs, and you can walk in and attack, especially when you are being double-teamed or in open terrain, throw a few smoke bombs to escape or return. Attack the enemy in the past. In the defensive, we must also pay attention to the fire protection. Once the teammates are knocked down, except for the others who are attacking and attacking the enemy, they do not need to be beaten.

Well, I have to say so much about offense and defense. What better ways do players have?

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