PUBG Mobile guide Really exciting! Introducing the Best Mode

After the entertainment and desert versions, “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield” once again ushered in a new game ! Many players feel that it is either a longer or normal mode of 8 minutes. In the entertainment mode, playing too much feels that it is not enough to stimulate, because once it is eliminated, it needs to enter the next round, and the combat intensity is not enough! This new version puts on a new “war mode” on the line, stimulating the degree of explosion, and together Let’s see detailed play.

Mode Description

The war mode is one of the new quick ways to play in the game entertainment mode and can be entered in the game mode selection. In the game, players will take a gun to parachute and hit the ground. The gun mode is random, with single hammers, submachine guns, and rifle patterns.

<123 Game Rules:

Winning method: The team that first won the designated points wins.

Integral access method: defeat and eliminate opponents and rescue teammates can obtain different degrees Add points.


The biggest difference between the war mode and other modes is that it comes with supplies. There are weapons on the ground and they can go to war. Of course, you can still beat the opponent or get more supplies within the building area.

During the skydiving, players will bring their own level 1 backpack. Backpack items include:

The main weapon is a fully automatic weapon with a red dot sighting device. If the main weapon is 98K, it will include four times the mirror, a grenade, a body armor, a bulletproof helmet, and five bandages.

Score display and judgment: The upper right side of the screen is attached to the right edge of the map There is a progress bar. The left side of the progress bar is the score progress of my team. Right “#1” is the score progress of the highest score team. When a team score reaches the top of the progress bar, the game ends and settlement is performed.

War Mode can accommodate 20 players per gameAt the same time, the game is played, the map circle is randomly generated, the opening is the final circle, and the game can be shot with the ground. Can choose single, double and four team.

The duration of the game is generally around 6-12 minutes. Duration depends on the weapon mode and map point. For example, in the attack mode, sniper rifles are not easy to hit people. In the first round, they are basically 10 minutes or more. Another example is the battle in the mountains. Because there is no supply, the bullets are quickly flashed, and there are fewer shelters, then the pace of the game will be quicker, and it will usually end in about 7 minutes. In this mode, airdrops will be delivered as usual, and because of the accelerated pace of the game, airdrops will be launched more frequently and at intervals.

After being eliminated by opponents, they will return to the plane again after a brief countdown. Join the fight, fight more time and opportunities, and fight more.

In this gameplay, as long as the first place does not reach the designated point, then we can repeatedly jump and participate in the battle after being eliminated. The battle process not only stimulates, but also can exercise and test the player’s judgment in the chaotic situation. And reaction speed. I believe that after the new “war mode” of the baptism, players will have a texture in the game awareness and gun statute.

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