PUBG Mobile guide Can’t be the first person? Listening to the voices

The first-person gameplay has been on the line for a while, but many players still do not adapt to this gameplay. Due to the perspective, LYB is a gameplay player in the new perspective. Players believe that in this perspective game, it is often the case that the frontal guns are used to make a deadly battle, and the sinister killing of the enemy becomes a laughing stock. This is not the case. Even with the first-person gameplay, the player can still do LYB, learn to judge the position of the enemy while hiding itself, and beat the enemy by surprise.

Logically speaking, the player is hiding behind a bunker and has a limited field of view. Only part of the bunker can be observed. In the game, the player may encounter an enemy that suddenly appears behind the bunker and shoots at his own position. The death is not clear. At this time, the player may think that this type of enemy is either a scorpion cat hitting a dead mouse or is a “divine”, which is not the case. It is based on the technique of listening to position to obtain the position of the player, thus giving a kind of enemy. Things feel like God.

Ignore footsteps and learn to listen to sounds Bit

When an enemy appears in the game, the upper right corner A footstep sign will appear on the small map. Many players rely on this to know the arrival of the enemy. In first-person gameplay, the player cannot rely on such prompts. When the human eye sees the prompt, the brain’s center then reacts, and then the instructions are transmitted to the limb. The player moves the camera toward the footsteps, which requires 1~3 seconds. The time seems short enough, but it is enough for the enemy to get closer to itself, increase the risk of being discovered, and lose the opportunity to attack firsthand. And if the enemy does not go straight during the movement, the chaotic footsteps may interfere with the player.

Although the speed of sound is not as fast as the speed of light, the distance between the player and the enemy during combat is not too far away, so the effect is negligible. In a relatively silent environment, people’s perception of sound is stronger. As long as the player stays calm, he can clearly perceive the strange sounds that appear around him and conditionally reflect in the direction of the sound. Audio discrimination is better than recognizing the enemy’s position based on footsteps, as long as the player adjusts the game volume to a lossless state of the eardrum.

2. Investigate the enemy in advance and perform pre-shooting.

It is not enough just to grasp the general position of the enemy. As long as the player has some movement, he will also expose his position. Therefore, how to deal a fatal blow to the enemy is also crucial. First of all, the player can sideways behind the bunker, flatten the frontal with the chest, and then quickly lean to determine the exact position of the enemy. If the enemy finds it, slide the crosshair laterally. This will increase the headshot chance. If the enemy does not notice the player’s little tricks, the player can gently adjust the sight of the gun to the direction of the enemy’s movement, select where the enemy must pass, and pre-align to kill the enemy when it is relatively empty. If you shoot at the enemy’s current position, you will be stunned and let the enemy run away. It is also possible that multiple bullets will fall and you will fall into the blank period of the change ahead of time, allowing the enemy to take advantage of the opportunity.

In addition to needing to maintain the skills of listening and speakingConsciousness also requires a general understanding of game data. If the enemy is a driving vehicle, the sound is louder and the movement speed is faster. When several hundred meters is heard, the player can hear the sound. In the face of such an enemy, the player can temporarily avoid the edge. If the enemy is in a state of suffocation, it is generally heard at a distance of 40 meters; when the enemy is in a running state, a sound of about 35 meters can be heard; when the enemy is in a walking state, a sound of about 20 meters can be heard. The player can also judge how far the enemy is from him and how the enemy’s behavior is based on the size of the sound heard.

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