PUBG Mobile guide Three-finger manipulation details, win on details

To stimulate the battlefield, it is inevitable to fight with the enemy. In order to master the skills of the guns, many players watched to learn more about how to press the gun or move the shot. The pressure gun can reduce the recoil of the firearm and increase the precision of the ballistics. Mobile shooting can help the player to avoid the bullet while effectively attack and increase the survivability. Having mastered these two techniques, they can only be considered small and successful. In the low-end games, the enemy can still compete with the enemy. When they reach the high-end bureau, there are two kinds of skills between each other. The fight is deadlocked. It takes time and effort to kill the enemy. What tricks can be used to help players easily defeat the enemy?

In the high-end game, if you have a big God player around you and observe the operation mode carefully, you can find that he often uses three fingers to control the keys at the same time. This is the higher end of the gun skill – three fingers fighting. This skill refers to the player to complete more tedious operations in a flash, including shooting, jumping, stalking, moving, etc., so that the player is properly handled in detail, improve survivability and shooting hit rate, eliminate the enemy out.

Key setting

Want to practice high-end ingenuity for three-finger fighting , players need to adjust the basic key to make the operation more handy. In the default setting, there is a shooting button with the same size on the left and right sides of the screen. In addition, the left half of the screen has a moving control panel and a lean button, and the right half of the screen has a crouching button, a jump button, a change button, and a mirror. Button. Many players ignore the shooting button on the left when the gun is fired. The thumb on the left is responsible for moving the direction. The thumb on the right hand is responsible for firing the gun. Occasionally, the thumb switches to other buttons. Sometimes the button does not press, and the player becomes rush and is shot and killed by the enemy. If the player uses three fingers to operate, two fingers on the left side of the screen, a finger on the right side of the screen, click the desired button at the appropriate time, use each button to maximize, and you can not kill the enemy However, some buttons will not be used during operation, so they should be adjusted to a position that will not be touched. Some buttons are frequently used to change the position and size of the button, and the distance between common buttons can be shortened.

First of all, the player needs to clear the keys controlled by each finger. The two fingers in the left hand control the shooting and the movement, and the one finger in the right controls the actions of jumping, crouching and so on. Then the player enters the operation setting interface and selects the custom. The panel, since the right shot is no longer used, it can be reduced and the transparency adjusted to a minimum and then pulled to places that are not often touched. Since one finger of the right hand needs to switch between multiple buttons, the size of buttons such as jump, crouch, and reload can be maximized. Because the left screen needs to place two fingers, in order to avoid two fingers “fight”, the button can be adjusted to a suitable size, and pull a certain distance.

<123 Operation method

Adjust each key to After the best condition, players need to learn how to use three-finger combat in actual combat. The player puts his left index finger on the shooting button and only needs to move up and down to ; place his left thumb on the mobile control panel to manipulate the game character to move; place the right thumb in the center of multiple buttons on the right So that you can get the fastest access to each button. When playing with the enemy, the player moves while moving left and right.The gun fired, and sometimes skipped and evaded the bullet.

Players need to pay attention to details when using three-finger combat techniques Question: When the sight on the gun moves up, the right thumb quickly pulls it down to complete the press operation . After playing a round of bullets, click on the change operation immediately. At this time, the left index finger moves to the lean button and shakes left and right. Avoid bullets; after the ammunition is loaded, the left-handed finger moves down to the firing button, and the right hand reverts to the crouching button again, using crouching to avoid the enemy’s attack.

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