PUBG Mobile guide Advanced sniper rifle skills make desert a chicken paradise

In the game, most players hope to become a sniper who will kill the enemy. They can enjoy the thrill of killing the enemy, show superb gunshot skills, and can quickly resolve the battle and acquire the resources of the enemy. . There are many obstacles in the map of the Deadly Island, which limits the players’ ability to play. Many times The use of a sniper rifle may be counterproductive and the enemy is close to killing. In contrast to the passionate desert maps, the characteristics of sparse obstacles have led to an increase in the use of sniper rifles. Compared to other firearms, powerful sniper rifles have certain advantages. If the player can master the advanced use skills of sniper rifle, he will kill the Quartet in the passionate desert map.

With the help of the terrain card point Yinma

As a sniper Hands, first of all need to ensure their own safety, good at using the advantages of terrain to cover or disguise themselves. If the player is in a room area and speaks clearly, look for a commanding height and crouch or squat on the ground, turn the perspective at all times and observe whether there are enemies around.

Passionate desert terrain is open, players are more likely to encounter the second case: in the wild. At this time players need to use the card point skills to ambush the enemy, the desert is not flat, it is formed by many sand dunes connected to form a large or small slope or basin, these places can be the best choice for the player’s card position . In a situation where it is relatively safe to determine that he is behind him, the player crouches on a high slope, fine-tunes the angle of view downwards, and withdraws the muzzle to avoid being spotted by the enemy. And this approach will not affect the player’s field of vision, players can look forward to a large area of ​​open space, easily find the past enemies. After seeing the enemy, the player previews and positions the aiming mirror at the position where the enemy is about to run. When the time is ripe, the gun is shot quickly. If the enemy is hit without killing it, the player pulls the joystick and temporarily avoids the enemy. After waiting for the ammunition loading to complete, lean forward to observe the enemy’s position and prepare to make up for the knife. In general, the enemy will not quickly counterattack after being attacked, but first find a location to hide, but the characteristics of the desert make it on the thin ice, and even panic operation, the player took the opportunity to make a shot, take it away. However, some enemies are experienced and may use throwing weapons to interfere with players and approach them with Thunder. The player has a certain advantage compared to the enemy’s blood volume. Faced with this kind of experienced enemy, he does not hesitate to cut the gun.

Killing the enemy within several shots

If a The sniper cannot kill the enemy in just a few guns, waiting for him to die. After the player knows how to use the desert terrain, he needs to know some tips on targeting. When the card points at the yin, the chance of the player being able to remain stationary for shooting is often only once. If the enemy cannot be shot by the headshot, it is bound to face the counterattack of the enemy. When shooting the first shot, the player will aim the forefront at the horizontal line of the enemy’s head, and then place the left hand on the shooting button to release the right hand to quickly move the muzzle horizontally to the preview position and open the mirror to shoot. After a shot, the enemy has not yet fallen. Players must quickly close the lens. Affected by recoil, the sighting has shifted and the player needs to adjust it again. If the lens is opened, the lens will move slowly and may not follow. On the pace of the enemy, lose the enemy’s vision.

Passionate desert maps are a sniper’s paradise. Especially when multiplayer games are teamed up, the sniper acts as the “big heart” of the entire team and is essential. A qualified sniper needs to have the ability to survive, but alsoTo practice Zhuo group marksmanship. If you want to improve your ability to survive, players can practice in a single row many times; if you want to practice marksmanship, players can team up with friends around the game, this kind of fault tolerance rate is higher than a single row.

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