PUBG Mobile guide stimulates battlefield sniper guns to see which one is right for you

I don’t know how you feel about the sniper, do you feel that it’s cool to hide in the dark and decide the life and death of others? In fact, most players like the sniper in the game. Career, and then bad, but also very like that they can get a sniper rifle. Do you know which of the many sniper rifles are more suitable for you? Here’s an introduction for everyone: We can choose the right gun for you.

First of all, we will introduce many sniper rifles roughly for everyone, according to whether singles can be divided into two types, single and multiple. There are altogether four types of single shots, namely 98K, M24, AWM, and Win94. The first two are using 7.62 bullets. AWM uses dedicated drop shots, and the last uses 45-caliber bullets. In the four types of singles, the first three players are eagerly pursuing. The last one is almost unattended. The biggest reason is that you cannot use the double lens. In four of them, AWM and M24 belong to airdrop weapons. 98K is a sniper rifle that is swiped in the map. The power is enough to destroy the secondary head with one shot. The M24 power is slightly larger than 98K. It can be regarded as an enhanced version of 98K; AWM is the damage in the game. The highest gun, almost ignoring any defense, the third level is also a shot. Single-shot accessories are not very demanding, except that they are basically three or less accessories.

Let’s talk about bursts, there are also four, namely SKS, Mk14, VSS, Mini, the first two use 7.62 bullets, VSS uses 9mm bullets, Mini uses 5.56 bullets. Among the four sniper rifles, VSS is the least dependent on accessories. It comes with four times and silence, which is also an advantage, but the disadvantage is that the single-shot power is the least. The advantage of the Mini is that the clip has a high capacity and a lot of power. The disadvantage is that the gun sound is loud, and if it is used, there is a good silence. SKS is considered to be the best one-off burst in addition to the airdrop burst Mk14. The damage is highest in the normal bursts, but is extremely dependent on accessories. After all, the recoil is larger, but once it is full, it is very scary and adds one. Capacity expansion also has 20 missile capacity. The final airdrop will not say anything. When using it, it is best to take advantage of the shooting. This kind of recoil is very small, and it is not recommended for bursts. It is suitable for single points.

After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the eight types of sniper rifles, we must also have a I learned now that I will talk about how to choose a single shot or a burst.

First of all, although everyone prefers to attack, there must be a certain number of marksmanship. For comrades with less accurate marksmanship, do not use solitaires. After all, the fault-tolerance rate is too low. You can prepare the accessories in advance when selecting a hair tie, and if you have enough SKS accessories then your luck is good. If you don’t have any accessories in your hands, and you lack the lens, you should choose VSS, if you can replace it later. For the comrades who are more confident in their marksmanship, the best choice is to single-handedly smash. After all, injuries are high enough to kill them quickly.

In the above, the choice of sniper rifle according to the marksmanship is described. Now let’s talk about choosing according to the terrain. . For attack terrain similar to the room area, people in the room here can basically be counted as stationary, and people in the room area will have a very good effect on the single shot as they will observe the enemy at the window, and will not aim at the sniper. Cause too much trouble, easy to hit, suitable for a shot deadly. The enemies on the mountain are different. Even though the enemy will observe after the bunker, it will still come to an end. But if you don’t shoot or hit the enemy, then when you start to run away, the enemy will almost have no effect. Everyone should be aware of how high the skills needed for a single attacker to hit a fast-moving enemy. At this time, continuous cicadas are very suitable and can continue to be attacked. The fault-tolerance rate is very high.

The above is the description of the sniper rifle. I hope that everyone can choose it after watching it. Your own sniper rifle.

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