PUBG Mobile guide Sweep Train Share! Teach you to deal with enemy vehicles on the move!

Vehicles have always played an extremely important role in the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield.” As the ranks continue to climb, players will gradually increase their emphasis on vehicles’ . More and more, of course, more often than not, in the face of road overloads, we will treat them as passers-by. However, sometimes we encounter a vehicle that is highly “123” “aggressive,” and it is a defensive counterattack. It is also an essential part. So how do we deal with the enemy on the vehicle and the vehicle in motion?



The attack vehicle also has certain emphasis. In the face of vehicles with different driving styles, choosing the right shooting method can make it easier for opponents to suffer.

The enemy facing the straight line is as follows:

Faced with a straight line Goals such as

and We can choose to fire with one side as we pass by. Because in this case, as long as our sweeping skills have a certain degree of control, in the face of this more regular exercise, you can easily hit the target.

Or, in the face of a vehicle with direct and sudden appearance, as shown below :

You can also choose to open the mirror aiming to shoot, but at this time you should directly aim at the driving enemy on the car, as long as the opponent dares to

continue to stay in this way, then Being swept down is also a matter of minutes.

In addition, we face the goal of irregular form, or range circle This opponent belongs to the enemy who wants to “do things”.

In this case, because the opponent

is running in irregular form , we often need a larger when aiming. 123> Turn the screen. At this time, it is hard to keep up with the driving speed of the opponent’s vehicle when aiming to open the mirror. Therefore, in this case, it is generally straightforward to open the scan, eliminating the step of opening the mirror.


After talking about the offensive method, the following points need to be said: Defensive. We must know that it is difficult for the current version to explode a moving vehicle within a short time. Therefore, it is difficult to avoid encountering

opponents who “fight revenge” on many occasions. If the station itself is not good, it is very easy to sweep the car before being overwhelmed by opponents.

Therefore, when attacking the opponent’s vehicle, it is necessary to pay attention to its surroundings and find a shelter. If you are in an outdoor area, on a mountainous terrain, you need to find anything around you that can obstruct the vehicle’s counterparts, such as trees, stones, and so on. Of course, there is also a very useful obstacle, that is, our own driving vehicle is also a key point to hinder the opponent’s peers. Therefore, if you want to attack your opponent, you can easily attack the opponent’s vehicle and ensure your own safety by simply getting off the train and standing by the station.

More attacks on enemy vehicles are needed to set fire, if not ensure If the target can be defeated for the first time, it is advisable to avoid active offenses as much as possible so as to prevent the firepower of the surrounding enemies from being attracted.

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