PUBG Mobile guide desert card point offensive and defensive road, enemy awareness raising manual

Stimulating the battlefield desert map is simple and not conducive to concealment. Therefore, the player must learn how to use the building for card click killing to ensure his safety. However, many low-segmented friends often suffer from inexperience in the card points, resulting in enemies in the abdomen and back. They end up tragically under the encirclement of multiple enemies, or lose their optimal timing because of the prolonged confrontation with the enemy. Outside the area. Today we will explain the card point of consciousness and hope to help everyone develop card point awareness.

First of all, let’s talk about the definition of card point. The so-called card point is to occupy The favorable terrain at the edge of the safe area kills enemies in the circle, and after clearing the way for their own advancement, it is a conventional tactic that advances into the safety zone. Here we also combine the actual battle cases for everyone to analyze and explain to facilitate understanding.

In this battle, we chose Picardon, who had the most people on the route, to make a landing. Because the previous battle was too intense, we had already reduced the number of people when we entered the third lap, but because we were killing The numbers were used to determine the position of the enemy, so successful use of circuitous tactics entered the final round.

The hero and his teammates had a little disagreement here because the teammates found that there were two cars parked on the opposite hillside. Therefore, judging if they continue is very likely to be blocked by the enemy, and the protagonist believes that we are on the edge of the safe area. And we come in the direction of the most people Picardon, there will inevitably be teams coming in. Once a battle occurs, it will inevitably alarm the enemies on the hillside. When the time comes, the enemy will be very uncomfortable, and because there are two vehicles in the mountains, it is very There may be a confrontation between the two teams. We may take this opportunity to look for a better ambush.

In fact, the judgment of teammates is very similar to that of many players. There may be enemies who are very scared and afraid to move forward. This is a bad habit that must be overcome. In actual combat, many times we need to think a step further, and we must believe in ourselves and dare to commit crimes in order to improve ourselves. Chicken rate.

After negotiating with teammates, we decided to go to a nearby house for observation first. After the enemy’s location was determined, it was moving forward, but the poisonous circle did not wait for people to see the time to refresh the safe area, we can only choose to quickly move to a safe area.

However, as expected, as we progressed toward the safe area, we suddenly killed a whole team from behind us. Fortunately, we have already moved to the edge of the building and can hide it, but it was framed by the enemy. Can not move within.

And the enemy cleverly destroyed our vehicles and the situation was in crisis, but they also made a mistake and did not move quickly in the circle after suppressing the protagonist’s team.

Immediately after the hero’s use of the enemy’s chance to run around in full swing, he defeated the enemy team in one fell swoop and took advantage of the situation.Race started.

This example illustrates well some of the points that need attention in the card point. The details can be summarized as follows:

1. In the desert card point At the time of construction, you must choose a building card point. You can’t just select some hidden terrain like islands.

2. When you are stuck, be sure to hide your own vehicle that is used to maneuver your own vehicle. Otherwise, once the vehicle is detonated, we will lose our chance to run and we will inevitably die with the enemy.

3. Learn to lay out the vehicle according to some To judge the position of the enemy and focus on the nearby bunkers, you will generally gain something

4. After the stage rises, the more you reach the finals, the more attention you must pay to communication and information sharing. Can often bring 1+1> gains.

These are some ideas that should be cultivated in the desert card point, and I wish Everyone at an early trump card !

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