PUBG Mobile guide has a clear context for success, ruin walkthrough tactics

In the map of the battlefield of the battlefield, the ruin is the most recognized point. The reason is very simple, mainly because the ruins are surrounded by large resources. Why can’t I jump here? Schools and R City, followed by half of the ruins are in the water, and all aspects of the characters in the water are limited, and once they encounter the enemy, they will be very uncomfortable. Through the above two articles, I think it’s understandable that the players are a bit unaware of this point. However, today we just want to give the ruin to the ruin and let everyone know that the ruin is a very good place to fall as long as we can choose the tactics.

The heat of the ruins can be said to be extremely low compared with the popular places in the major wild regions. We choose to settle here. Our initial safety is surely guaranteed. However, eating chicken is not just enough for safety. We also need certain equipment. First and foremost, it is certain that the ruins will inevitably brush out an assault rifle, and the first goal after landing is to find him. After having the most basic combat equipment, we can enter our themes.

The biggest difference between the ruins and other points is that there are many anonymous houses around the ruins. The resources of these anonymous rooms are almost as good as those of some mainstream resources. And our purpose is here, usually the wilderness must go to find a car, but because the distance between the unnamed rooms near the ruins is not very far, it can be reached on foot, and due to the rubble Say it is also close to the center of the map, compared to other wilderness routes, the pressure of this route is much smaller.

The use of this tactic is also based on an actual case.

After landing the ruins, quickly collect the outer buildings without water, and immediately transfer the basic equipment to the nearby wild areas. Many players are worried Because the nearby location is wide, once it is attacked, it is very likely that it was killed because of no bunker protection. However, in reality, this possibility is not high. Let’s look at the map again. The ruins are around G Town, P City, and R City. Each of the schools and schools is a famous high-level resource point. The fighting within these advanced resources is very fierce. At least until the first deflation ends, it is very difficult for an enemy to break through successfully, and even a master can Breakthrough, why did they come to the ruins?

After a period of maneuvering, we reached the nameless housing area and quickly ended our development. After quickly passing through the high-risk zone of P City through the use of vehicles, we found that the shrinking circle was very unfavorable to us because if If we want to enter the safe area, we must pass through the bridge of the military base. It is very dangerous for us to pass through the bridge alone. At this time, the protagonist decisively drives the vehicle to the sea to find a boat and easily enters the finals.

This tactic is actually using the enemy’s psychology. We have no scruples about us in the early stages of the game. In the middle of the game, the enemy’s marching path is completely different from ours. This greatly reduces our chances of meeting enemies and greatly improves ours. The chance of survival increases our chicken consumption rate.

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