PUBG Mobile guide A viewing angle strikes! The break dance you want is also in it!

The “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield” will be updated again. This update believes everyone has also seen, in addition to new weapons and new modes that allow players to get a new gameplay experience, there are three major refreshing features. system. Here’s a detailed introduction for everyone.

[spectator perspective]

Added Friend Watch feature to the Buddy system. Players only need to click “Invite Friends" in the main interface, and they will find that there is a new "Play“ symbol added to the online friends. Tap this button to quickly load into the game and watch your friends’ viewing angles.


① waiting friends

Compared to the previous boring wait, the watching game has provided us with a better waiting choice. After making an appointment with a friend, you can directly enter the game to watch the wonderful operation of your friend, which will make the waiting time. Live faster.

2 Learning Operations

After watching a lot of Raiders, the gods and friends have repeatedly explained the core skills, but they just don’t understand how to do it. The viewing angle can perfectly solve this problem for players. The viewing angle can perfectly show the position of the friend’s pressure gun and the adjustment of his vision.

[Expression System]

In a stressful combat environment, long-term obedience and battle will undoubtedly make players gradually tired. How can we improve the current atmosphere and enjoy the atmosphere? The new expression system can easily ease the pressure on players. When you are teaming up with your friends, you can dance to two dances from time to time. I believe the atmosphere of the entire team will become cheerful. Even if it is not able to eat chicken, isn’t this enjoyment the purpose of our game?

When the team’s sister laid down an opponent !—— applause! (66666666)

With the teammates preparing to contain the lone wolves shivering in the house !——go! (Walk, we single out him)

I fell a foe with a black gun behind me !— —Hello!(Polite Greeting)


[The Jedi Theater]

Scores and segments are proof of the players’ strength in the game. Of course, a single ranking and score ranking can not prove too much, so this time we have added a Jedi theater ranking system. Jedi theater system rankings will list different rankings based on different modes of gameplay and player performance in the game.

For example:

Singles: The number of wins in a single row

Double row masters : Double-row wins

Four-row expert: four-row wins

There are still several different categories of rankings, such as the lore king, the gun king, the crit master, the fury warrior, and so on.

Rankings can be divided according to regions, the most Fine can even be divided into players’ blocks. What time to see XX Street “ singled out kings ” are possible.

Well, the above is the full introduction of the new version of the functional system, and the players who are not yet familiar with it are rushing to the game. Practice in practice !

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