PUBG Mobile guide Guild War Mode! How to use different gun modes

“PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield” entertaining new game mode of war on the line, I believe many players found in the game some times when we carrying firearms is different. Sometimes it is a M416 automatic rifle, sometimes a Vector submachine gun, and a 98K quadruple-mirror landing. Different firearms are also different in their style of play. Here we will do a detailed analysis for everyone in terms of different firearms ideas.

Mode judgment

If we can understand the superiority of the firearms mode before landing, then we can set play for firearms in advance and choose the right one. The end result. So how do we know what firearm mode to use? ? It’s easy to quickly turn the small eyes on the screen after skydiving and drag the view to the back of the character to clearly see the type of firearm on your back.

Sniper Rifle

In the sniper rifle mode, all players will carry 98K landings. After confirming the firearms, you can choose a favorable terrain choice for sniper rifles. As far away from the center area as possible, choose the edge of the safe area. If it is a housing area, it can be transferred to a higher house building, with teammates for card points, and if it is a mountainous area, occupy as high as possible at the edge of the safety area.

Submachine Gun

The submachine gun is generally recommended to be closer to closer to the high point of the center area because of poor remote combat capabilities. Set foot. Because is too marginal to attack or encounter enemies, between stations It may be that is closer to a few to facilitate quick support for a shotgun or rescue teammate. Submachine guns have less bullets and less power. They often need more bullets when faced with enemies, and many people concentrate on and they can quickly knock on . > Goal to avoid the situation of a single person with insufficient firepower.


The rifle has both long-range and long-range combat capabilities. However, because the default is the red dot sight, it is possible to maintain a certain distance from the teammates in terms of site cards. . In the firearms mode, if the safety zone is in the room area, it is possible to team up with teammates to occupy the high point building in the central area for offense and defense. If it is the rest of the mountain, it is recommended to choose the location of the bunker at the edge for card point shooting, and the main defense is. Try to avoid active offenses as much as possible. Because in this mode, enemies can come from all directions, and it is easy to rush to become a target of public criticism .

In the war mode, as long as a reasonable style of play is achieved through the types of firearms, team members can steadily increase the points of the whole team. In addition to luck, winning the top three is a breeze.

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