Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M honor points to buy what is the most cost-effective

What is the best deal for the Dragon Valley Tournament Honor Points? In the Dragon Valley Tournament, the arena is a place for players to compete, not only to hone skills, but also to earn points of honor in the arena. Honor points in the store can be exchanged for items such as chests, washbasins and fashion items. Today, Xiao Bian brings you a guide to Honor points in the game and hopes to help everyone.

First of all, we can see that in addition to the arena chests, low-grade feed, and 24 heraldic stone tiles in the arena store, everything else is fashion.

In order for us to make a choice, fashion first needs to be eliminated. After all, the fashion exchanged here is only a seven-day period. The next thing that needs to be eliminated is a low-level private chatter. After all, this can Obtaining through other relatively cost-effective ways and buying with Honor Points is not worthwhile.

As for the choice of the arena’s treasure box and the article’s washing stone, Xiao Bian prefers the former. After all, light can be seen from this limited quantity five times and its value is valuable. The limit is only good. As for the chances of being able to open a dragon coin as described in the treasure box, it is still possible for Xiao Bian to leave for 5 times. Players can find that the purchase of 5 treasure chests for a total of 60 points of dragon coins, with 250 points of honor for 60 points of the dragon coin this sale is possible.

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