Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M Griffon Lair Tauren Raiders Raiders

Dragon Nest travels to lions and nests Tauren to play Raiders, Lions Nest is a copy of Dragon Valley Tournament, players need to have a good lineup to challenge, a total of four copies of the final, will be In the face of the powerful Boss Griffon, defeat him to clear the border. Today, Xiao Bian brings Tauren play to the people in the game. It hopes to help everyone.

The Tauren is the stupidest and most stupid, first a priest to pull the head of the bull. Then the other guys pick the Mavericks first and take care not to get them together. In addition, if you use a character that is a long-range attack, you can use the post to block the Minotaur with

Tauren. The main skills are fan-shaped roar, and the power reserve swings the axe (360°, hurting the highest of all skills. The range is also large. Ordinary swing axes, seismological grounds, brutal collisions, vigorous slashings, fireball throwing. The three calves, respectively, add attacks, restore blood, and increase defenses.

Tauren skills coping skills:

1. Fan-shaped roar.

Coping Skills: Indulge in an upswing and move out of the sector area

2. Accumulate power

Coping skills: After the operation Plunge the force, not want to venture out of the swing range, the technology emperor can directly use the side flash or invincible skills to avoid the

3, ordinary swing axe

coping skills :After the action, the axe can be swung out by leaning over the big ax and swinging. The side flash can be

4. The deceleration

Coping skills: The action aura raises the foot and the red circle of the foot appears. Flash can also run out of damage range

5, brutal collision

coping skills: action precursor Niutou forward collision posture, is not obvious, is a straight line attack, you can avoid to the side

6. Vigorous hacking

Coping skills: Action axe, big axe, lifting and lifting on the top, avoiding way

7. Fireball throwing

Coping skills: Action The precursor boss puts up the big axe and grabs the fireball behind him and throws it into the sky Will only attack the hatred target of the boss, the target player can normally run the road, the rest can rest assured that the output

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