Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M Association Registration System Awards Introduction Raiders

Dragon Valley Tournament Sign-in System rewards introduction Raiders, Nine Tour Xiaobian has already finished for everyone, presumably players are all very much looking forward to this game’s content. So now, share this Raiders with players for the first time. Hope you like it. I also hope that I can help everyone, so let’s take a look along with Xiao Bian. There are more exciting Raiders in the future.

What is the use of the Dragon Valley Tour Club? Check-in to the system analysis. What is the use of the Dragon Valley Tour Association? In the guild game, a guild sign-in is set up, and players can get rewards by signing in. Next, share with you all the usefulness of signing the Dragon Valley Tournament Association.

The guild sign must use platinum to sign in. Although it costs 200 renminbi, the value of the contribution is definitely worth the money. After the signing reaches a certain number, the guild sign the treasure chest. The maximum amount is 200 renminbi, which is really taken from civilian use.

The Association contributes to upgrading the skills of the guild and is also one of the important ways to increase combat effectiveness. It is suggested that learning plus attack and career requirements attributes should be added to the level of 1500 liters when added to the 2,000 contribution level. , This will ensure that your combat power will not be seen playing ~

Welcome players to download Dragon Valley Mobile Android ios client, just in Baidu input “Long Valley tour 9 tour” can directly download the installation package, while the Long Valley Tournament Raiders area to provide equipment selection and copy play Raiders. A wide variety of mobile phone games are available for download.

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