Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M What Elf is Good Practical Elf Recommended

Dragon Valley Mobile Games is recommended by any elves who are good and practical. The role of the elves in the Dragon Valley mobile game is not only to decorate and look good, but also to increase the player’s chosen attributes and improve the combat effectiveness. It is an important means for us to strengthen our own strength. Today Xiaobian brings us practical wizard recommendations for everyone in the game. I hope to help everyone.

In this version, the best spirits are the two L-level elegant swan and lucky blue bird. From the wizard’s skills, the swan is relatively poor, and the blue bird is more suitable for player battles. S-level wizards mainly look at skills and have their own strengths. The wizards have different skills in different grades, stars, unlocking skills, and unlocking skills, which will have a great impact on the elves’ ability to fight. The elves have the most skill in having three gold skills.

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