Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M Magister PK Warriors Recommended

Dragon’s Hand Tourer Mage PK has recommended that the magician be one of the four major games in Dragon Valley Tour. As a young woman who controls magic, the skill can attack the enemy remotely and can flee. It is very flexible. The output, whether it is a brush map or PK has a good performance. Today Xiaobian brings you the PK tactics of the game’s Magisters, hoping to help everyone.

The first thing to make clear is that since it is a mage, it is a rear-line output profession. When pk, try not to make enemies close, otherwise rely on the mage. The body is simply unstoppable. To distance yourself from the right hand, use control skills to control the place. Use remote damage to attack the opponent so that you can get the final victory.

Therefore, the Magister’s even strokes recommendation is: strong wave → gravity ball → disperse → summon black hole → light rain → time and space yoke → dark temple → meteor shower. After finishing this set of skills, you should immediately stay away from your opponent and not allow opponents to seize the free time of skill cooling. Wait for the skill to cool down, then go ahead and continue with this set of skills. There is a high requirement for the players to take place and their awareness of battle. It requires more practice.

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