Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M Ranger Dragon jade with recommended

Dragon Valley hand tour ranger Longyu collocation recommended, Ranger is a turn career in the Dragon Valley hand archer in the positioning, is close to the output, in conjunction with the right skills plus points, you can let Ranger combat The ability is better and you can easily deal with various challenges. Today Xiaobian brings you dragon and jade collocations in the mid-range of the game. We hope to help everyone.

Before talking about Longyu, let’s first analyze the characteristics of this profession. As an archer’s career, rangers are no longer as inflexible as they were before. On the contrary, Rangers is a symbol of flexibility in the Dragon Valley mobile game. It is smart and able to enter and retreat, which is an excellent way to cut into the back row. Career. Therefore, in the choice and match of Long Yu, it is necessary to focus on the ranger’s high flexibility and high damage.

According to the above analysis, the collocation of Ranger Longyu can be divided into two categories. In the armor can be used with blast dragon jade and life dragon jade, enhance Ranger’s flexibility and health, to help the ranger to better survival, output on the battlefield. In weapons, it can be used in conjunction with the destruction of Dragon Jade and blast Dragon Jade to increase the damage output and flexibility of the Ranger. In short, it is closely related to the characteristics of the Ranger and is used to match the Dragon Jade.

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