Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M how to trade Stall system detailed analysis

In the Dragon Valley mobile game trading system, everyone can purchase various equipment and props in this game. In the trading system, it is divided into buying and selling. In this game player can have their own It’s very convenient to price something and sell it, or buy it when you can’t get what you want.

1. Here, players can purchase various types of products. Such as equipment, dragon jade, heraldic materials and so on.

2. All items are purchased using Dragon Coins. Still more convenient and quick.

How to set up a game in the Dragon Valley mobile game system game

3. The selling interface is the stall interface, where the player You can choose to sell equipment and props, select a good unit price and quantity, spend a certain amount of shelves can be officially put on the exchange.

4. When the item is sold, it will appear on the settlement interface.

5. Click on the item to view the price after the settlement. You need to pay a certain fee, and the rest is your own money.

6. If you feel that you do not want to sell after you are on the shelves, you can remove the items in time. More than a certain period of time will also be automatically dropped!

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