Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M equipment how to strengthen equipment Raiders Raiders

Dragon Valley mobile game equipment can be strengthened to obtain stronger attributes. How to strengthen the Dragon Valley mobile game equipment? Nine Tour Xiaobian Amy shared the Dragon Valley mobile game equipment to strengthen Raiders.

How to strengthen the Dragon Valley mobile game equipment?

Equipment reinforcement Click through the character interface and click to enter.

Equipment reinforcement requires the consumption of strengthening materials. Each time of strengthening, the properties of the equipment can be enhanced, and there are enhanced level restrictions. However, through equipment breakthroughs, equipment upgrades can be enhanced.

Equipment breaks through consumption of dragon coins and breakthrough materials.

The materials required for equipment reinforcement can be purchased directly in the mall or in the game.

Equipment reinforcement can be transferred. If the equipment in the early stage is not very good, you can also strengthen the level. After getting better equipment, you can transfer to a better equipment through reinforcement.

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