Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M Priests to turn Sage Long Yu with Raiders

The Long Valley Hand priest turns to Sage Long Yu with the Raiders, and the Sage is a turn career in the Long Valley Tour. Unlike the sacrificial auxiliary ability, the Sage pays more attention to the output and defense, and can cause no damage to the enemy. Vulgar damage, but also stable control of opponents. Today Xiaobian brings you dragon jade with the sage in the game and hopes to help everyone.

Introduction of Sage

Sage is one of the pastors’ 15th ranks. It can form a powerful defense and cast out light attributes. Complex attack moves are among the ranks. The mainstay.

Long Yu

Long jade inlaid on the equipment can increase the fighting power, and different dragon jade has different attributes. Each piece of equipment can be inlaid with 3 kinds of dragon jade, mosaic grid is only 1 grid at the beginning, the second one needs to consume 50 dragon coins, and the third one needs 50 characters.

Sage Longyu with

Armor: Life Dragon Jade, Wisdom Dragon Jade (Increase HP, Wisdom)

Weapons: Magic Dragon Jade, Wisdom Dragon Jade (Add Magic Attacks, Wisdom)

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