Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M archer skill how to add points

How to add the Dragon Valley Tournament Archer skill, the Archer is the Dragon Valley Tournament, as a remote output she is safer than priests and fighters, although there is no Master’s control, but the output is absolute It is a well-deserved ADC that can crush all occupations. Today Xiao Bian brings the skill of the archer in the game to everyone. I hope to help everyone.

Suggestions for adding points:

Two-for-one +1: purely to defeat the enemy, the damage is not high;

Puncture + Full: High damage, especially flesh;

Tumbling + Full: As a long-range career, the archer is most afraid of being close. Points can be more flexible kite opponent;

Flash +1: one point is enough, no need for players can not point;

Multi-segment +1: skills are good, However, skill growth hurts is not high;

Hawkeye +1: This skill must be added, but one point is enough to add more useless;

Floating Adjustment +1: This is enough, just See if everyone can reasonably use this skill;

Gathering and full: This is the archer’s main output skill, can it not be full?

Flying + Full: Arrows God’s must-haves;

Envelop + Full: Just awkward, no matter if it’s skill damage or effect, TCE;

Arrowhead, aim + full: this Together with the skills to know how much;

feint +2: dodge skills only, + 2 just to dodge it;

swing, sweep Church, up triangle +1.

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