Dragon Nest M Raiders _ Jie Ge brings you to fly Dragon Nest M mainline copy explain

Jie Ge takes you on a copy of the Dragon Valley Tournament. With Dragon Valley Mobile Adventure, every new player has a heart that wants to quickly upgrade and quickly increase its strength. This new battlefield has its own side, and even swept one side’s determination. Today, Xiao Bian brings you a copy of the main line of the game, hoping to help everyone.

Following the mainline copy dream return passion

The “Dragon Valley Hand Tour” inherits the worldview of the endgame, whether it is the deep history of the fantasy world, The story of Alteriya mainland is still a heroic saga of many characters. Players can go through the main missions one by one to wake up memories of those years of adventure together. It should be noted that the mobile game has been extended and modified while inheriting the classic story of the tour, giving the player a different sense of experience. The player completes the main line task by copying the main line of the customs clearance. The copy is linked and the difficulty is progressive. In addition, there will be exclusive CG animations for everyone to enjoy while the BOSS in the copy is on stage, which will definitely put you in love!

Mainline copy provides basic experience and equipment output

For players, the most valued aspect of the APRG mobile game is of course combat effectiveness, which is closely related to player level and equipment. Therefore, the upgrading experience and basic equipment of the mainline copy output are the key to the new growth. In “Long Valley Tour”, a copy of the main line closely related to the mainline’s plot can gain experience when successfully cleared. At the same time, after completing the main line task, the NPC can deliver a large number of rewards. In addition, the copy of the customs clearance, but also access to basic equipment, even if the same name of the equipment, there will be differences in the properties, you want to have stronger attributes of the equipment, you can choose to in-depth challenge or self-build!

The first-time clearance copy has a skill point Jijixing to receive the award

In the “Long Valley Hand Tour”, when copying the mainline, the corresponding clearance star will be given according to the completion conditions. The highest Samsung perfect clearance. Samsung’s customs clearance conditions for each copy are not the same. We can look ahead before entering the copy challenge and prepare for it. Meng Xin must acquire skill points when it is first cleared, and skill points can be used to increase skill levels. In addition, players can accumulate customs clearance stars after clearing the level in each chapter copy. After accumulating certain rating stars, they can also open the treasure box to receive additional rewards.

Welcome players to pay attention to the Dragon Valley Tournament website. You only need to enter “Long Valley Tour 9 Tour” on Baidu to download the Android installation package directly. Meanwhile, Dragon Valley Mobile Tour Guide Provide the latest Raiders and clearance Raiders. More fun mobile online games download in nine tours.

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