Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M Festival brushing skills plus point recommendations

Dragon Valley Tournament Craftsmanship and Brushing Skills is recommended, and the ceremonial sacrifice is a turn career for Dragon Valley Mobile priests. Players can be transferred after 15th level. As a doctor in the game, rituals are generally responsible for Players can treat and perform various kinds of assistance and can also do good damage. Today, Xiao Bian brings you a recommendation for the ritual skills in the game, hoping to help everyone.

Introduction of Priests

The priest is one of the fifteen-level pastors of the Priest. His team’s most devoted doctors use the power of light to heal their teammates. The teammates brushed on various injuries and added anti-battle.

The priest adds

1. In addition to the escape skills, the priest page can be chain lightning + Holy Strike

2 . Output skills are mainly based on the lightning system

3. The hand brush map can not be placed in the skill column

4. The milk stick will be full, although not much HP now.

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