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The correct way to open the Dragon Valley Tour Novice Raiders is whether or not you are setting foot on the mainland for the first time in Alteriya, or whether you are familiar with the old driver in the end of the tour, and for the first time you will open Dragon Valley Tour. Perhaps the brigade will bump into a bump, it is inevitable that there is a time of guilt. Today, Xiao Bian brings you new players in the game, hoping to help everyone.

I. Career Choices

“Dragon Valley Hand Tours” took the lead in launching four classic careers for players to choose from, namely warriors and archers. , priests and magicians, each occupation has its own characteristics, begging valley fans to come to experience, but also will open a turn at 15 to open a more cool fighting trip.

The warrior is an outstanding melee representative who can attack and defend. With his strong power and abundant physical strength, he can top up in the front line of the team. Players can output close combat damage through combo attacks, and the explosive ability after reincarnation cannot be underestimated. The operation is moderately difficult and it is recommended to use it freshly.

After reaching level 15, the warrior can be transferred to Ares or Juggernaut. Warriors are characterized by close-range physical attack skills, and can use a variety of powerful combination techniques to output damage, will have more rich and powerful skills after the transfer.

The God of War is good at counterattack with powerful force, and gains greater range of attack and greater lethality, which greatly compensates for the deficiencies of the warrior’s melee attributes. Basically, the group of monsters can open the hanging mode. The combat experience is very enjoyable.

Juggernaut is known for its rapid attack and movement. It improves the fighter’s agility and is weaker. Together with its own powerful strength and physique, if it matches the player’s superb walking skills, the next copy is light. Easy to light can clear the pass.

The archer is a remote physical attack type professional who can remotely suppress the enemy by various remote attacks. Good at stump output, assault power is amazing, need to rely on rapid movement to find a good output environment. The operation is relatively difficult.

The archer is characterized by being able to divert enemies from long range attacks and to produce tons of physical damage at the rear, which can be transferred to Ranger or Arrowhead.

The Ranger can be said to be a melee-type professional who seeks out fighter planes on the battlefield with coquettish positioning and rapid attacks. The close-knit even moves smoothly, evacuates after a powerful output, and controls the rhythm of the entire battlefield.

Arrow is the strongest rear damage exporter, and the opponent is the most feared on the battlefield. The super-distant attack distance coupled with the high attack damage has become a terrible nightmare for all opponents. As long as you can occupy a favorable position at all times, it will become almost invincible.

The Priest is now the only healing profession, and it is indispensable in the teamwork. It’s easier to get started. The melee hybrid setting gives him good defensive power and control ability. He is an excellent assistant role. Choose him and you may become a scolding chant for other players in the game!

The priest who specializes in defense and healing is an assisted occupation based on close combat. He can be transferred to a sage or priest.

The priests can provide strong support for teammates, a stronger physique than other professions, plus impressive melee output, and are indispensable partners in team battles.

The Sage of hybrid output has a superior defensive ability, and the first-rate defensive counterattack ability can effectively protect the partners in the team. It is the solid backbone of the entire team. The player who chooses Sage pays attention to the task of attracting enemy teammates!

The Sorcerer is a remote law attack career and is the main legal system output in the game. Good at creating group-wide injuries and even dealing with explosive highs. However, the stature is also thin, and it is also necessary to pay attention to the position. It is also a relatively high-level job.

The magician has a variety of weakening magic and range magic, and has a large range of attacks, can be transferred to elements or magic guides, learn new skills, and create different tricks.

The output of the Elementalist is very strong, and a wide range of magic comes into a series of seconds. The brilliant skills are a terrifying landscape on the battlefield. Strong control skills, no-wound clearance achievements can also come in handy.

The Magister possesses a high level of group damage, and the skill effect is shocking. With his own control skills, a series of tricks can make the enemy’s position become chaos and suffer heavy losses. Boss is also a dazzling performance, and the strong output completely compensates for the weaker physical disparity. If you take a reasonable position, you do not need to worry about insufficient blood.

2. Upgrade Guide

We will follow the guide slowly to open the adventure journey, and the initial game tone is to upgrade. How to upgrade levels quickly and effectively is crucial to both the promotion of the copy and the growth of the character. In addition, as the level increases, we will also open up more system games to enrich our daily experience and gain more comprehensive professionalism.

In the novice period, we can achieve rapid upgrades by challenging master copy and abyss copy. While challenging the copy requires physical exertion, the mainline copy consumes 6 each timePoint physical, a copy of the abyss consumes 12 physical power each time. Physical power can be obtained through purchases, system-point gifting, and gift donation.

3. Operation Tips

“Dragon Valley Tour” is a perfect replica of classic gameplay, while optimizing and innovating to simplify player operations. Added many ingenious details.

First of all, in the battle, the player can independently choose between 2.5D and 3D screen switching to meet the operating habits of different players.

Secondly, there is a super armor bar below the blood volume of BOSS. When the armor is full, it does not eat control, and it will release big moves. However, when the armor is empty, it is the time when he is weakest. At this time, the BOSS enters the Sunder Armor Vertigo state. The player’s CD status will also restart. Speeding up the attack tempo will let you do more with less.

In addition, the player must also pay attention to the release of the practice move in the copy. The number of combo hits reaches a multiple of 20 to obtain additional attack bonuses to help you clear the game faster. And when you pass through your copy training, you will be even more comfortable with the large copy and PvP gameplay!

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