Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M physical strength how to get physical access summary

Many games in Dragon Valley Tournament need to consume physical strength. Without physical strength, you cannot continue to play. It is very important to gain physical strength. How to get physical strength? Nine Tour Xiaobian Amy summed up the Dragon Valley Tournament to gain physical access, the player combined a variety of ways to obtain physical strength.

How does the Dragon Valley Tournament get?

There are three ways to gain physical strength in the game. Time will automatically regain your strength.

Secondly, physical strength can be obtained through redemption. There are three chances a day for physical exchange of dragon coins.

Third, friends escort flowers and gain physical strength. You can spend 2000 gold coins, give a flower to your friends to get a little physical strength. You can also spend 9 dragon coins to give 9 flowers to get two physical strength. Spend 99 dragon coins, you can send 99 flowers, get 10 physical strength. You can send flowers five times a day, get flowers for physical strength, and increase goodwill among your friends.

These are some of the ways to get physical strength in the Dragon Valley Tournament. Relatively speaking, it takes more time for the automatic reply but it does not cost money. The cost for the two flowers is relatively high and not very cost-effective. However, if you have the money, you can use up the number of daily exchanges of dragon coins and flowers.

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