Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M Black Mountain camp copy Raiders Raiders

A game copy of the Dragon Valley Tour Black Mountain camp. The Black Mountain camp is a copy of Dragon Valley Tour. The monsters in this level will be very difficult to deal with, and players can avoid them through some clever methods. , by walking to reach the agency and activate it. Today, Xiao Bian brings you the game clearance for the camp in Montenegro, hoping to help everyone.

The combat requirements of the Black Mountain camp for players are 1500 points, and each clearance needs to consume its own 6 points of physical strength, and the clearance copy wants to reach 3 stars. The score must be settled within 4 minutes, and you must not consume more than half of your blood. And if we pass through the copy, the items that we may get are probably the shoes’ equipment and some gold coins.

The most troublesome thing for players is that monsters are harder to kill than other levels, but the level does not necessarily mean that we manually kill monsters.

In this level we only need to evade three waves of monsters and then kill the organs behind the three wave monsters. Each patrol of the monsters is also regular. We should be able to observe them easily after careful observation. Discover the flaws of the monsters walking back and forth, and wait for the opportunity to walk through the flaws one by one. I believe that eventually we can gradually control the whole game.

Another point to note is that you should never touch the red circle of these monsters. Once touched, you will fight the monster. The battle mode that won without fighting will pass you by.

If a player arrives near an institution and does not know how to activate it, then this is actually quite simple. After all, this institution is just a blue circle, and stops when you stand up. You can activate it, and after activation it will cause the mobs to be cleared immediately, and you just need to move on.

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