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Dragon Valley Tour Heilongbeiye Bethard explained that Bethard was an important figure in the Dragon Valley Tour. He was one of the six heroes who eliminated the Black Dragon. He also acquired the Black Dragon Baoyu. We became stronger and robbed the power of ancient people in retaliation for using our own Peda. Today, Xiao Bian brings you an introduction to Bethard in the game and hopes to help everyone.

He was one of the six heroes who attacked the Black Dragon 50 years ago and was a young knight in the city. Young people born from lower-level noble families, but relying on their own strength, became the highest knight in a short time.

Incidentally, the Holy Heaven before the Black Dragon raid was called the Blackwood Fortress. After the Black Dragon raid, in order to allow the people sacrificed in the battle to rest in peace, it is renamed to Sacred Heaven, meaning a sacred resting place.

Bethkede is very popular and has therefore received the support of many great aristocracy. It is said that he was able to participate in the dragon raid and it all depended on luck. The rumors had been killed in the dragon raid.

The real situation is that Bethard was originally a Peda man and titled Arena Knight. Fifty years ago, he was ordered to plead for Black Dragon’s gem.

In the Dragon Assault, the six heroes eventually struggled against the Black Dragon. Geraint saw the situation in a critical situation, disregarding her exposed identity and turning into Golden Dragon, defeating Black Dragon with a blow. Belcod, who was very trusting and admired by Girant, was shocked by the true identity of Geraint. He thought that Geirant had concealed himself from being a dragon and he had been deceived. He was very angry. He was ordered to snatch up the black dragon’s gem and cut one of Geraint’s eyes.

Bethkod, contaminated by black dragon blood in the Battle of Black Dragon, was accidentally merged with Baoyu while snatching the Black Dragon Baoyu and was taken away by Elena. In order to cover up the truth and maintain the positive image of the heroes in people’s hearts, the royal family claimed that Bethard’s glorious sacrifice in the Battle of Black Dragon.

After being brought back to Peda by Elena, Carlahan, who was responsible for studying how to remove the gem in his body, had done countless inhuman tests on Bethard. Finally, he realized that he had been used by Peda and had already been abandoned because he had no value. He took Black Dragon’s gem from the lab in Karakhan and decided to revenge on Pada.

However, if you want to become a black dragon, the power of Baoyu alone is not enough. In order to complete the revenge of Black Dragon to Peda, Bethard in the human world to find the descendants of ancient people, Prophet – Rose Linde, that is, the early game players experience the black knight to grab the story of the ancient girl. Bethcott, who gained the power of prophets, can change the form of Jackie Chan, but it is still not a complete black dragon.

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