Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M soldiers can get what weapons Warrior weapons recommended

What game Dragon Warrior can get? Warrior Weapons is recommended. Warrior is one of Dragon Valley’s mobile games. Relying on a variety of skills and strokes, it can cause a direct confrontation with the enemy, which can cause great harm. Transferred to Jianhuang or God of War, has a strong attack and defensive. Xiao Bian brings you weapons of the warriors in the game today and hopes to help everyone.

Long Sword: The quickest attack speed can form a stable and consistent move. It is the first choice for technical masters who seek combinational skills. It is the weapon of choice for the Juggernaut Warrior.

Axe: The highest lethal damage that can explode more critical strike damage and has more explosive power. It is the weapon of choice for Ares warriors.

Hammer: The highest single attack damage, but it is also the slowest weapon to attack. After a continuous attack, it can automatically release the charge attack. It is the weapon of choice for Ares warriors.

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