Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M Which career is good

Dragon Valley Tournament will launch four professional warriors, archers, priests and magicians. What are the careers of warriors, archers, priests, and magicians? How to choose a career? Nine Tour Xiaobian Amy Analysis Dragon Valley Mobile Games 4 occupations, share some of Dragon Valley mobile game occupation selection skills.

Which game is good for Dragon Valley Tour?

Dragon Valley Tournament will launch fighters, archers, priests and One of the 4 magicians and the corresponding transfer job. Which is better for fighters, archers, priests, and magicians?

Four warriors, archers, priests, and magicians each have their own merits. It is recommended that newcomers can choose warriors, fighters, and defensive abilities. Better, stronger after reincarnation, and easier to use. It is very good for novices.

After the fifteenth level, you can switch to the Ares or Juggernaut. Ares are good at fighting back with power and gain greater range of attack and greater lethality. Juggernaut was known for its rapid attack and movement, which improved the weaker agility of the soldiers.

The Archer is a long-distance physics attacker who excels at stump output and has an astonishing attack power. He can switch to the ranger or arrow god. Rangers need proper positioning and quick attacks. Arrow is the strongest rear damage exporter.

The priest’s only healing profession is indispensable to the team. The priest’s defense and control ability is excellent and can be transferred to sage or priest. The priests can provide strong support for teammates. They have stronger physiques than other professions and have stronger physiques than other professions. They are also excellent. Sage is a hybrid output professional.

The magician is a remote law attack career, and the legal system output is dominant. Has a variety of weakened magic and range magic, attack range, can be transferred to elements or magic guide. Elementalist’s output is very strong, with a great range of magic at close range. Mages have a high level of group damage and control skills.

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