Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M Second Mage Fire Dance Practical Comments

Dragon Valley Hand Tour II Mage Fire Dance Practical Comments, The Magician is one of the Dragon Valley Mobile Games occupations. As a young woman who controls magic, the skills can attack the enemy remotely and can flee to escape. It is very flexible. The output, whether it is a brush map or PK has a good performance. Today, Xiao Bian brings you an introduction to Fire Dance of Master II in the game. I hope to help everyone.

Fire Dance

Elementalist who devotes himself to the practice of fire spells, possesses terrible flame attacking spells, and annihilates the enemy by summoning the magical power from the earth’s heart. Sexually flame blows.

Focused on long-distance fire magic spells, you can summon linear fireball skills and use a variety of range skills to deal damage.

Weapons: Staff, Orb (Assist Weapons), Magic Book (Assist Weapon), and Doll (Assist Weapon)

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