Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M Warriors Second Sword Practical Analysis

The Dragon Valley Tournament Warrior II is a practical analysis of the Sword Emperor. The Warrior is a professional in the Dragon Valley Tour. It depends on a variety of skills and moves against the enemy in a positive way. It can cause great damage and can be transferred to become Sword Emperor or God of War has a strong attack power and good defense. Today Xiaobian brought us an analysis of the warriors in the game. I hope to help everyone.

Sword Emperor is a branch of the Warrior profession. It is a profession that is transferred from Juggernaut. It is a Juggernaut who practices Swordsmanship and masters gorgeous sword skills. It can be used flexibly. Skills and high damage slashing skills can be shuttled at high speed in enemy lines to disperse enemy formations. Close-range physical attack skills, with the elimination of skills to change the fighting rhythm, can be a variety of powerful combination skills to hurt the career.

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