Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M Priests a career recommendation

The Long Valley Hand priest makes a career recommendation. The priest is a professional in the Dragon Valley Tour. As a game that can produce T, can output, and can treat all-round occupations, the priest is very popular among players. Become an auxiliary sacrificial and tank type sages. Today Xiaobian brings you a career recommendation for the pastor in the game. I hope to help everyone.

The Priest changed his professional recommendation ceremonies, compared to sage sacrifices, the skill range broke out, and sustained damage was high, but also increased blood. After the ritual level is raised, there will be excellent performance on the ladder, and the nest will be better in the later period. Of course, the performance of the early sacrificial offerings may not be very good.

Relatively speaking, the Sage’s skill range is very small and the outbreak is high, but it does not last long. The early sages may be better than the sacrificial offerings, but in the latter stage, the sages faced stronger opponents and the sages could not fight injuries and were not easy to use. In general, it is better for the priest to choose to sacrifice.

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