Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M charm how to enhance the charm to enhance skills

The new Dragon Valley Tour is coming! Let you experience the most authentic mobile games. The new charm system in this game is believed to be not quite understood by everyone! So what’s the use? If you quickly improve the charm value? Next Jiuyou Xiaobian will come to recommend for you the details of the Long Valley hand tour brush charm value method, together to find out about it!

The Role of Charisma

Just go to the top 10 in the Charisma Value Chart. You will get a title. Different titles also have different attribute bonuses.

Dragon Valley Hand Brushes Charisma Value Method:

Charisma acquisition is actually very simple, as long as someone sends you flowers to increase the charm value of a certain number of points. , whether it is a friend or not.

The number of points added for each level of flower is not the same. The number of points per red rose is 1 point, the number of points per white rose is 5, and the increase of each blue enchantress is 10 points. You can send 1 9 99 520 999 flowers. Up to 9990 points can be added at a time.

Access to Flowers

Click on the charm column to see a dialog box beside physical strength. Click to enter and select Below the world dialog. In the upper left corner there will be a pattern of roses, click to receive 9 red roses. Then there will be a CD cooling for fifteen minutes, after which time it will be possible to receive another flower.

The presence of charisma has given players a lot of enthusiasm and also proved their own interpersonal skills.

Did you not understand the details of the Dragon Valley hand brushing method? Want to make yourself popular in the game? Get up to speed up your charm!

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