Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M Warriors two career details

The Dragon Valley Tourist II makes a detailed career analysis. The Warrior is one of the Dragon Valley Tournament. It depends on various skills and strokes to make a direct confrontation with the enemy, which can cause great harm and can be transferred to become Sword Emperor or God of War has a strong attack power and good defense. Today Xiaobian brings you two professional careers in the game. We hope to help everyone.

Sword Emperor

The direction of the warrior of the Juggernaut. Good at melee combo attacks, is the master of continuous attacks, through a gorgeous smooth move, often a successful attack will be unable to fight back the enemy.

Lord of the Moon

The direction of the Juggernaut. Good at using long-range magic Jian Qi to fight the enemy, you can release Jian Qi in the air, a fatal blow to the enemy in the area.


The direction of the warriors. By slamming the ground, the destroyer can create huge air waves to hit the enemy and contain the enemy by shaking and shouting.


The direction of the warriors. By quickly wielding weapons, Berserkers can produce a deadly whirlwind and form powerful continuous blows to defeat the enemy by powerfully cutting into battlefield skills.

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